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The most controversial ads in Ramadan 2016 have been banned

As TV viewership hits its peal in the Egypt and Middle East region during the holy month of Ramadan, many advertisers consider the whole month as prime time season where the price of a 60-second ad can reach to tens of thousands in specific slots.

These advertisers aren’t afraid to make waves. The most controversial ad campaigns that have been banned by Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) inducing Juhayna Dairy, Dice Underwear, Cottonil and Ahram Beverages.

The four banned ads were among most complained about commercials of Ramadan 2016, raising concerns about health, Not matched with the Egyptian cultural and “sexual innuendos” messages during the holy month.

Explaining its decision, Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) said:  In the framework of CPA exerted efforts to protect consumers’ interests by virtue of Consumer Protection Law No. 67 of 2006, Chairman Atef Yacoub stated that CPA decided to ban a TV advertisement for a telecommunication company shown in a number of satellite channels. The add. violated personal dignity and entrenched negative parenting practices. The advertisement features a man on his deathbed slapping his son for requesting to take the unused sim card so as to benefit from the telecommunication company’s offer to reuse old sim cards.

Juhayna Dairy- Ramadan 2016 Case

Although many shared opinions for the advert to be the most successful for Ramadan 2016. Juhayna’s “Dondo” advert was the most complained advert for the season. Babies cuteness did not stop The Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) to ban Juhayna Dairy advert. The advert banned due to including sexual gestures in addition to including advertising message that that should neglect breastfeeding benefits for mom and baby.

“The first ad for Juhayna Dairy included sexual innuendos in addition to the use of children in violation of the standard specifications for ads. It also promoted false information that the company milk was better than breast milk,” said the statement of the CPA about one suspended ad.

Birell Public Bathroom

“The advert by Ahram Beverage’s Birell also banned as it shows a young man peeking at the private parts of another young man at a public bathroom in a way that violates the public morals of society” said the statement of the CPA.

Cottonil Squat

The Cottonil Advert criticized due a scenery when a group of women squatting while the ad narrator says “Oh”.
The CPA also suspended the ad of Cottonil men’s underwear for including direct “sexual innuendos.” The CPA also accused the ad, produced by Nile Production Advertising Agency (Hala Mahran), of promoting a violation of law as it depicts a family of four riding a motorcycle without helmets.

Dice Underwear

Dice underwear advert was also banned by the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) for a scene when a woman wearing only her underwear and including several sexual innuendos that encourage and justify marital infidelity.
Whats Next?

According to the head of the CPA, the companies were notified of the suspension order as well the violations and they were given 24 hours to pull the ads from TV channels.

The advertising companies should receive a warning notice and will be asked to cancel the mentioned ads. According to the Egyptian low, the mentioned brands should show cooperation and notify all related satellite channels to stop airing the ads.

CPA Chairman affirmed that all economic activities and commercial advertisements are being examined to eliminate any materials harmful to consumers’ rights, particularly personal dignity and religious values, customs, traditions, health and safety.

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