Coca-Cola launches “Change Has A Taste” campaign to celebrate Saudi women driving

For decades, change has been rare in Saudi Arabia. Currently we do witness positive waves of change becoming trendy in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia driving ban on women used to be a sensitive topic. Saudi Arabia announced on September that it would allow women to drive, ending a longstanding policy that has become a global symbol of the oppression of women.

Brands such as Coca Cola are sensing the new changes in the Saudi market and following the new trend by jumping on the bandwagon. Coca-Cola just launched #changehasataste campaign targeting mainly Saudi youth to give them a platform to express their aspirations.

When you’re watching these ads for the first time, you will like it but also you will have an idea that even if the Ad story-line is based on insights from Saudi market, yet the music theme and the Ad mood doesn’t feel very Saudi.

Coca-Cola History and Expansion Plans in Saudi Arabia Market

In 1988, The Olayan Group reintroduced Coca-Cola to Saudi Arabia following a long absence. In January 1993, a joint venture between The Olayan Group and The Coca-Cola Company established The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Saudi Arabia (CCBCSA).

By 2000, CCBCSA had captured 30% of the carbonated soft drink market in the Kingdom with impressive growth in the greater Mideast as well. Coca-Cola products now represent nearly 40% of all carbonated soft drink sales in the region.

Drinks manufacturer plans to build $100m bottling plant in Saudi Arabia which will be completed by 2019. The plant will include production lines for soft drinks and bottled water.

The new facility will create jobs for an estimated 200 Saudi nationals, Coca-Cola claimed, adding that it chose Sudair City as the location for the plant because of its proximity to the capital, Riyadh, and its strategic importance as a centre for manufacturing in the kingdom.

Samer Al Khawashki, president, consumer division, of ‎Olayan Financing Company and MD of Coca-Cola Bottling Company Saudi Arabia, said: “Our commitment is aligned with the kingdom’s Vision 2030 to build a strong and solid economy, and ensure the growth of the retail sector while creating job opportunities for youth.”

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