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Case Study: How La Vache Qui Rit laughter box took the Egyptian digital media by storm

This is one of the hardest times most marketeers will face in their careers. The COVID-19 pandemic has put many brands in a very difficult situation. However, done right, it could also be one of the most rewarding. After all, behind every crisis lies ample opportunity – and COVID-19 is a crisis like none we’ve faced before hence requires a creative solution.

Customer experience during COVID-19 is a true challenge, but as the situation continues to evolve with each day, the helpful resources of today may quickly become outdated tomorrow. In your effort to create content that resonates with your brand audience, simple ideas can guarantee a massive exposure on social media with no need to set promotional budget. This case study proves that content is not the king, IDEA IS KING.

La Vache Qui Rit Egypt reaction to COVID-19 is unrivalled – we grouped insights, social media statistics and research around VOC [Voice Of Customers], summarized hereunder for marketing experts to learn from.

The Challenge:

The Egyptian Government is escalating its precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus in an attempt to limit its spread.

As the government takes on drastic measures to fight the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), on 14th of March– According to the Egyptian Government decree, all workshops and training sessions are set to be suspended and children less than 12 years old are to stay at home until the decree ends.

Target Market Insights:

“Most of the kids will remember how their homes felt like during this period, they will not remember any details about the virus”

Brand Objectives:

  • La Vache Qui Rit wants to keep you laughing even during a global pandemic.
  • La Vache Qui Rit to seize the opportunity during the stay at home time and consistently deliver high quality time sealed with a laugh from heart for every mom and children.
  • The brand wants to take the right move at the right moment to connect with primary target audience and fulfil the brand promise by being a true ally at the time of need.

  • La Vache Qui Rit reacted progressively with the challenge to share their customers every moment and deliver a laugh even in the toughest times, to put it another way, they represent a promise kept.

Brand Key Messages:

  • Empowering mothers to stay at home.
  • Creating happy memories at tough times.
  • Revive the old games, and create opportunities for quality time between family members.

Brand Call To Action:

  • Choose to stay home.
  • Choose to stay positive.
  • Choose to laugh

The Solution [Brand Action]:

  • Extraordinary times call for extraordinary ideas, As the crisis continues, La Vache Qui Rit have switched marketing strategies to the quarantine mode.
  • La Vache Qui Rit decided to create a fun kit for moms to help families enjoy staying at home.
  • The brand is sending you & your family the “Family Laughter” fun kit that will help you bond with your kids and turn this situation to a bunch of happy memories with your family.
  • The family laughter box is developed to remind moms of their childhood memories and empower them to create new memories with her kids.
  • The kit contains some of the most famous Egyptian games that we all used to play with when we were younger.
  • But our kids don’t know how to play them… so it’s time!
  • Digital Media Channels: The campaign activated on Social Media targeting mainly moms digital communities on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Viral Effect: The celebrities got a code to cascade happiness to 100 winners and 1000 winners on groups and communities.
  • Campaign Promotional Cost: ZERO

The results are AMAZING!

Boxes Claimed
Women/moms reached
Social Engagement
Digital Spending


Facebook Engagement

We’re in a situation that’s unlike anything we’ve faced before. Coronavirus has changed just about everything, but you still need to connect to your customers, prospects, partners, and team members. And now more than ever, social media may be the best way to do so.

Leading brands cannot just continue with regular social media strategy, content, and rhythm. What works is different. What people want is different.

La Vache Qui Rit Egypt managed to launch one of the top organically engaging campaigns this year to help families changing COVID-19 social distancing and self quarantining from boredom into fun time.

Moms Reactions on Facebook

Discover how “Family Laughter” fun kit triggered massive interactions in Facebook groups and how moms engaged by creating content and publishing it Facebook groups.

7ad Ye3raf

Members Comments
Members Reactions

Miss Basket

Members Comments
Members Reactions

I Make This

Members Comments
Members Reactions

EVE Pedia

Members Comments
Members Reactions


Instagram Engagement

Achieving organic engagement and growth can be difficult for brands without investing in ads. The average engagement rate on Instagram is 4.7%.

The impact on La Vache Qui Rit “Family Laughter” fun kit was amazing as the brand organic engagement skyrocketed to hit 23,958% increase with ZERO spendings on digital advertising.

La Vache Qui Rit official account on Instagram gained 10K new followers in just 10 days time span.

Instagram Insights

Discover La Vache Qui Rit out-of-the-ordinary engagement stats on Instagram and sample of the brand mentions posts that triggered people to engage with the “Family Laughter” fun kit.

Followers Growth
Daily New Followers
Higher Engagement Rate


Celebrities Interactions

Strategized campaign by La Vache Qui Rit Egypt successfully generated meaningful and genuine engagement not just by moms, but also many celebrities decided to join the initiative to spread happiness.

Celebrity Organic Interactions on Instagram

La Vache Qui Rit Egypt spent Zero media coverage. All celebrities joined to spread the message and cascade the positivity and the message to stay home and choose to be positive and laugh. Attached are some nostalgic comments from moms.


Lessons Learned

Here is the top takeways to learn from La Vache Qui Rit Egypt successful spread happiness initiative.

Think Positive

One of the most effective and essential changes to make is how we communicate. Your marketing activities is not just a tool for promoting your brand or your product but is simultaneously helping to deliver positive social impact specially when the community needs it.

Spot The Opportunity

Most brands decided to pull back their advertising spend. Clever marketing teams are not meant to see the facts from traditional angles, marketers should have their own lenses to analyse and spot gaps to convert it into opportunities.

Act Fast

There’s no individual that hasn’t been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Our lives have been turned upside down, and brands must rapidly adapt to this ever changing environment by creating engaging solutions.

Communication Harmony

Harmonize your brand strategies to make sure your audience understand and feel the brand essence. If your brand promised a laugh, deliver this laugh even in the middle of global pandemic.

Stay Relevant

This unique idea of reaching the target audience and offering fun kit during quarantine time has been extremely successful. The brand managed to capture the right solution for the right time.

Idea is King

Creativity always make marketing fun. While we used to say content is king, La Vache Qui Rit just proved that idea is the king. Focus on the idea and let your brand fans create the content.

Boosting brand engagement during Ramadan

La Vache Qui Rit extended the campaign during Ramadan season by offering Ramadan Riddles (Fawazeer) – to generates its own forms of nostalgia for the joys of Ramadans past while offering the laughter box as a prize.

Case Study Conclusion:

Creative approaches that come from this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic should be retained for the long-term emotional connection between brands and audience. La Vache Qui Rit Egypt initiative succeeded in gathering the family together to create joyful moments to be engraved in their memories.

The brand move painted a smile on the faces of thousands of mothers and children during this tough period. Children will not remember much details about the virus, but will remember how they spent their time indoors having fun during quarantine time.

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