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Vodafone Talks: Career Development and Adding Value For Youth

Building a career is difficult, finding your purpose or what you want to do is just as equally hard; young and inexperienced, most of today’s youths are unsure of themselves and the paths ahead of them. And whether you’re young, unexperienced or working, it’s easy to get lost with so many options and heavy competition.

In the age of easy information, due to the internet, you need to absorb as much information as possible to invest in your career, self and add value to what you do.

It doesn’t matter whether you are unemployed or have a working title, there should always be time to invest in yourself, especially early on in your career or life. Career development and skill learning should be on the top of your list.

You can invest in your career through several ways such as seeking out a mentor to guide you, attending classes or talks, job shadowing and more. For an even more modern and relevant method, developing your personal brand is a sure-fire way of learning about who you are, what you can do and how to let others know about it.


Vodafone Talks

Vodafone is one of those companies that has figured out that developing today’s youth does culminate to tomorrow’s industry leaders and stakeholders. They have focused on developing youths for many of years, always involving relevant tech whenever they can.

They’ve built and created several ways that our youth can use to improve themselves and prepare for their futures.

Their newest addition is their Vodafone Talks.

Vodafone Talks

علاء زاهر …. رئيس قسم الاسراتيچيات و الابتكارات في ڤودافون مصر هيكلمكم فى ال Talk الجايه عن ازاى تقدر تختار الطريق المناسب ليك ؟ تقدر تتعلم ازاى من مثلك الأعلى ؟ ده اللى علاء هيساعدنا نعرفه علشان انت كمان تقدر توصل و تنجح … جاهز؟ ادخل علي اللينك ده علشان تسجل و تحضر Vodafone Talk يوم 17 ديسمبر

Posted by IN by Vodafone on Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Seemingly inspired by TEDx Talks, the telecom service provider is starting its own version of the famous event. The monthly event will provide talks on skills development and identifying talents, career guidance, freelancing, understanding sustainability in business, robotics and automation, digital marketing, how to become an entrepreneur and many more.

The event was created not just to inspire youth, but to provide them with an opportunity to learn and benefit from several interesting and experienced speakers and role models.

A few days ago, Vodafone held its 2nd event, using two of their own internal talents, at the Greek campus.

Vodafone Egypt’s Consumer Marketing and Digital Director, Karim Eid, and Head of Strategy and Innovation Alaa Zaher spoke on the topics of personal branding, taking action and role modeling.

IN Talks

كريم عيد، رئيس قطاع التسويق و المحتوى الرقمى بڤودافون مصر هيكلمنا في ال Talks الجاية عن ازاي نقدر نسوق لنفسنا وازاي نقدر نوظف ده و نستغله بطريقة صح، ، علشان انت كمان تقدر توصل و تنجح… جاهز؟ ادخل على اللينك ده علشان تسجل و تحضرVodafone Talks يوم 17 ديسمبر

Posted by IN by Vodafone on Friday, December 14, 2018


In charge of the event is Vodafone Egypt’s Sustainable Business team in cooperation with Vodafone IN, the telecom provider’s youth focused network. The network has stated that around 250 people attended their first two talks.

Vodafone hopes that Vodafone Talks will help educate and grow future talents and support society through youth empowerment.

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