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Cappy Brand Name Benefit From Muslim Brotherhood's Spiritual Leader Arrest

Its not the first time when Mohamed Badie (The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood)- help a brand name viral marketing for free. In March 2013 he gave Chili’s was lucky enough to get 67.7 % higher interaction rate on Facebook plus thousands Tweets with Chili’s name.

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The new lucky brand is Cappy [Coca-Cola product] who just arrived the Egyptian market in October 2011 with invests $16.7m for Cappy juice in Egypt. The footage took for Mohamed Badie when arrested with Mineral water and Cappy Juice turned so fast into a joke although the mineral water is Dasani water [another Coca-Cola product] but Cappy turned to be the lucky winner of the free viral marketing campaign sponsored by Mohamed Badie.

Social Media Viral Effect

Facebook and Twitter witnessed a massive share and mentions for Cappy Juice brand name. Almost all brand conversation was cynical and mentioned Muslim Brotherhood’s top leaders inviting them to surrender to the Egyptian Police and get their Cappy Juice.

Cappy Sample Post on Facebook When imbedded : 8hrs got 4,812 likes and 1,127 shares

Cappy Twitter Mentions:

Twitter spread faster with comics and jokes. The Arabic brand name mentioned more than 5.2K times in 3 days and audience didn’t forget to create a two hashtags [#عصير_كابي] and [#كابي] celebrating Mohamed Badie arrest and inviting the rest of MBH leaders to drink Cappy which become the sign for Fighting Terrorism.

Peak for Arabic Cappy name [كابي] on 22 August with 1,817 Tweets
Cappy Twitter Mentions
Peak for Arabic Cappy name [كابي] on 22 August with 1,817 Tweets
Cappy Twitter Hashtags Mentions
Cappy Hashtags Mentions
Peak for [#كابي] Arabic Cappy brand name hashtag 22 August with 78 Tweets


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