Capital One, the largest office property in the new capital launches

Egypt’s startup and business scene continues to flourish, and that means that great office space is becoming harder and harder to come by. Alongside the fact that many of the young workforce are looking for journeys and fun places to work, many might have a difficult time finding the right fit. Particularly at the new administrative capital.

However, the new capital’s business district just got some good news as NAMAA Development and Real Estate Investment recently announced the launching of their newest ambitious project, Capital One; the biggest office property offered by the private sector in the Financial and Business district of the new administrative capital.

Breaking out of just Bricks and Mortar

“Some may suppose that we have a normal path of thinking since we work in a bricks and mortar industry; however, this is completely incorrect… We aim to develop environments centered around the users of our property and their well-being, and to balance the body, mind, and soul.” Stated Dr. Karim Morsi, Development Director of NAMAA about the project and the company.

And this goes in line with the brand’s vision to “develop an office space that stands out through establishing a new generation of office buildings, disrupting the notion of functionality and giving more room to an experiential based development without compromising the functional aspect.”

Their new project, Capital One is said to become one of the biggest office properties in the new capital, with flexible spaces to integrate business communities into the capital.

Capital One was announced to be developed on a total of 86,000 square meters, and will be LEED certified. The certification is to ensure the location will have efficient energy management for sustainability as well as reduce costs. It was also stated that the design of the “new generation” of spaces will focus on humans and human development, providing room for work and enjoyment in one place.


NAMAA celebrates 20th anniversary with Capital One Announcement

The announcement was made at the company’s 20th anniversary since its establishment in 1998.

Mr. Samer Sallam, Chairman of NAMAA Development and Real Estate Investment, said “Though NAMAA is celebrating 20 years of existence, the company roots back to the 30s. Throughout those 80 years, the founders have contributed significantly to the Egyptian economy by providing more than 20,000 jobs in the local market and attracting foreign direct investments. During the journey, NAMAA’s founders have established more than 30 companies in different fields of business… They also contributed to the welfare of the society through establishing the Egyptian Food Bank, the Egyptian Cure Bank and the Egyptian Clothing Bank.”

The ceremony was held at the Cairo Citadel in the presence of Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of Tourism, in addition to a wide range of business partners and journalists concerned with the real estate field in Egypt and the Arab world.

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