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Instagram Finally Rolling Out Ephemeral Live Video Worldwide!

The battle of social media platforms is getting fiercer still. Facebook and Instagram are not laying down anytime soon. The rising popularity and fame of Snapchat, with total number of daily active users at 100M and 1M created snaps of videos and photos everyday.

On the other hand, Instagram is still going strong, gaining only in the past seven months 100M user to grow the total number of users more than 600M Instagrammers with Instagram stories hitting 150M user daily.

Instagram and Facebook copying innovation is not harming one another as they are one entity at the end of the day, their experimenting with more appealing features is to eventually win the battle against Snapchat’s quick growth and attractive, smart features.

Instagram Global Live Video Feature:

Instagram introduced lives videos back in November to U.S users and promised that it will be available worldwide in the coming few weeks.

It is finally here! Instagram announced finally that Live video on the stories section will be rolling out to Instagrammers globally throughout the next week to 10.0 version and above.

Instagram is innovating their application to ensure their users safety and convenience of sharing new sides of their lives with their friends, this is why the live videos is ephemeral like the stories.

All you have got to do to go live is to swipe right from feed and click “Start Live Video” from camera and once the broadcast is done, your live video will disappear. Furthermore, users can find top live videos on the “Explore” tab.

It can’t get any more instantaneous than Instagram’s “right-now” live video sharing.

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