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Cairo rains send positive vibes on Social Media

We all want to know our audience more deeply so we can communicate with them better, As Psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott discovered that our first emotional action in life is to respond to our mother’s smile with a smile of our own. Obviously, joy and happiness feelings are into all of us. A remarkable part of the Egyptians culture is to celebrate rains and even you can find songs in the Egyptian folklore sang by kids. Its not just for Egyptian as dancing in the rain in Hollywood movies reflects the epic moments of love and passion.

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While people choose for sharing their important personal events on Social Media, the social sharing of emotions is a phenomenon that concerns the tendency to recount and share emotional experiences with others. Today when it rain in Cairo as the first time for this winter season, No-matter how the rains affects Cairo streets, allot of Egyptians decided to share this special moment on Social Media and some brands captured the moment to leverage the Social Channel engagement.



Brands Engagement for Rains Social Media News-jacking



To understand your own audience better, try developing personas and engage them by interest. And remember: Just because you don’t always hear from your audience doesn’t mean they’re not listening.

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