Cadbury Dairy Milk Shows that Goodness Will Lift Your Spirit Amidst this Global Pandemic

There is no doubt that we are currently living through some of the most challenging moments of humanity. COVID- 19 has left the entire world feeling helpless and scared. We see negativity and fear in our social media feeds. We see it on the news. We see it in the supermarket, on the streets –everywhere.

Yet, despite the fear encroaching around us, something beautiful happened.

Cadbury Brings Out The Best In You

We captured countless acts of kindness filling our Social Media feeds – one post at a time, one small but impactful act of goodness at a time – almost as if to combat the negativity and demonstrate that goodness conquers all.

That’s exactly what Cadbury Dairy Milk sought to show the world when it rolled out its newest global platform last year – focusing on goodness, which has always been a hallmark of the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand. Localized to “الحلو جواك” in Egypt, Cadbury Dairy Milk hopes the platform will inspire a little more goodness in a world desperate in need of it.

“We want to shine a light on the stories of human connection that bring people closer together in our busy world.”

Egyptians didn’t fall short. They heeded that call and showed the goodness inside of them – bringing people closer together in this time of uncertainty.

From the teacher who launched online classes for free, passing on his knowledge to students across the nation out of the goodness in his heart; to the delivery hero who offered to shop for groceries for the elderly in their community; to the group of friends who distributed masks and gloves to those keeping our communities clean. These acts of goodness filled our newsfeeds just as they filled our hearts.

But Cadbury Dairy Milk saw these are more than acts of goodness. They saw these as the heroes we need – and in turn, they gifted each one of them to help them keep showing the goodness in their heart.

The delivery hero? Cadbury gifted him accessories for his bike as he uses his personal bike to deliver things to the elderly.

The teacher? Cadbury gifted him with camera gear as he used his phone to record all those free math lessons.

The group of friends? Cadbury gifted them masks and latex gloves to keep on distributing to those in need.


Of course, a little chocolate never hurt anyone, too 😊

Now Cadbury Dairy Milk wants YOU to pay it forward

The opportunity to do good exists anywhere – especially from home. Cadbury wants you to continue sharing the goodness – just like the simple acts of those in the video. We all know that positivity begets positivity – that’s why Cadbury will be monitoring social media for acts of goodness and will comment with their “Badge of Goodness” to support those who have shared.

The world is not falling short of any love or kindness, and Cadbury Dairy Milk only wishes that these times will remind us of our strength to heal and come together – through acts of goodness.

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