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Branding with Purpose: Brand Summit to diverge from traditional branding

Branding, marketing and selling has come a long way since the humble beginnings of a simple store front sign, but we’re still living in the age of selling, a problem for those aiming to target Gen X and Z.

The brand itself has become part of the customer experience, and at a time when this is quickly becoming the major player in brand relevance, brands need to align themselves better towards making great and more memorable experiences.

In a world where there is always another product, service or brand that does the same thing, people are focusing more on brands that make them feel good. And with Gen X and Z’s growing need to be more conscious of the world around them, they want their brands to do the same.

With this in mind, a new event is coming to town next weekend. The Brand Summit promises to be in your face about the clichés and stereotypes we follow, what we’re doing wrong and how we can break through our habits.


With topics ranging from creating your own space in the industry and brand storytelling to personal branding and humanizing your brand, Brand Summit is looking to change our mindset from the ground up. The one-day summit has invited 7 inspiring industry experts and authorities, both from home and abroad.


Branding with a Purpose

However, being a purpose driven brand or a having a brand purpose does not mean you should jump into just any real-time events or issues. Brands need to restrain themselves in order to better align and strengthen their branding.

Brands should only address issues and events that are relevant to their long-term purpose, because only then will stakeholders actually listen.

This is because purpose branding is effective when it has truly been a part of the brand. Its effectiveness raises with continued focus and attention, because stakeholders will know to expect this thoughtfulness from the brand and will align the cause and brand together, making it more effective over time.

Great brands thrive because they deliver end-to-end experiences and marketing that reflect values customers care about or their brand purpose (which should be the same thing).

The Brand Summit hopes to help us better understand how brands can be more purposeful, lean away from the conventional and grow the industry through “symposiums,” in-depth discussions and both local and international speakers.

According to Brand Summit, “Each person gets moments of clarity, when they feel that a purpose of living is needed. The Brand Summit team were attracted by the same moments and the need to shift and elevate the marketing industry in Egypt and the region towards answering these needs.

From Egypt and beyond, the members gathered by no absolute plan, only to meet and share the same purpose; to help brands find their purpose so people can find theirs.”

They aim to “attract businesses towards purpose branding rather than cluttered media and [explain] how that gives brands longevity and true value to consumers.”

The summit will be held at The Nile Ritz Carlton on the 18th of December, with speakers such as Said Baaghil, Dahlia Zayed, Sidney Evans and Youssef Shokry. You can learn more about the event on their Facebook page.

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