Birell’s New Campaign: How The Different Approach Was Admired By Everyone

Our love for creative funny adverts is endless, once we spot a creative advert; we have to immediately talk about it!

It has been a while since we have seen very creative and funny adverts; in fact, we have noticed that the advertising field has gone quiet for a while but this quietness has ended! almost a week ago, the famous brand Birell has released a brand new campaign that has grabbed the attention of thousands of people.

We are used to watching adverts from Birell that kind of start controversy but this time we can frankly say that this campaign is one of the best we’ve seen these days and even delivers a good message.



Brotherhood Has Another Taste

Birell is known for its masculine campaigns but this time, the brand used a different approach to its new one.

Almost a week ago Birell launched its new campaign under the name of الاخوة ليها طعم تانى بينا ‘Brotherhood Has Another Taste’. The campaign promotes the concept of brotherhood between friends and how they always back each other up.

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A New Approach

Instead of showing off and bragging about masculinity as always, Birell decided to take a new approach, which is “brotherhood”.

The new approach still reflects masculinity somehow but in a funny and decent way. Birell’s adverts sometimes got under attack for how they always portrayed masculinity in a certain way and relate it to strength and emotional stiffness.

For example, some of its adverts tackled the concept of men can’t be fragile, but with the new advert, this concept changed. This is why this campaign has gained the admiration of many people because instead of bragging about being tough, it tackled the matter of how a friend can be depended on.



Positive Feedback From The Viewers

The campaign received very positive feedback from everyone.

Usually, not everyone agrees on the creativity of a campaign, but this time it’s different. Once the adverts were posted on Birell’s official Facebook page, it received thousands of positive comments. Many people have commented that they loved the adverts some even stated that the adverts will make them start drinking Birell.

Also, since Birell’s campaign is always targeting men because its slogan is “Man Up” and even this campaign is also targeting men, but due to its creativity and its message, it, in fact, grabbed the attention of women as well.

So, we can say that the brand achieved more than just delivering a certain message to a certain audience.



Let The Numbers Talk

So far the numbers of the campaign are increasing.

The 4 adverts combined have over 22K likes, over 2K comments, and over 9K shares. The total number of views of the 4 adverts is over 424K views.

These numbers were reached in a matter of a week, so we expect them to go even higher.



Tell us what you think of the campaign.

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