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BigFish Welcomes Its New Client City Edge Developments

Over the years, we have been seeing many advertising and digital agencies emerge and we have to admit that they have been growing fast and some of the agencies choose to specialize in certain fields, for example, you can see a digital agency that specializes in the field of Food and Beverage.

Even though some agencies have started a couple of years ago, they have achieved huge success. An agency doesn’t have to exist in the market for a huge number of years, as much as it has to have a lot of successful work and clients in its portfolio.

One particular agency has been flourishing ever since it started and we can see how it is always improving and developing; this agency is Big Fish.


Another Client Joins The Clientele List

Another sign of success for Big Fish is partnering with City Edge Developments.

Big Fish is a consulting and digital agency founded in 2019 by Hazem Khafagy, a former head of Media at some of the biggest and well-known agencies in the region. Even though the agency was founded in 2019, it has accomplished a lot ever since even with the spread of COVID-19 in 2020.

City Edge Developments is one of the leading real estate development companies in Egypt that its adverts are always on TV and we even saw one in Ramadan. It is always expected that big brands always choose agencies that have been in the market for a long time and hold records in launching campaigns; City Edge Developments broke this rule when it partnered with Big Fish; a young agency but with what it has accomplished, we expect it to lead huge achievements with City Edge Developments.

It is worth mentioning that City Edge Developments is not the only huge real estate company that broke the rules by joining the agency; in fact, SODIC is also one of the huge clients that recently partnered with Big Fish.

Big Fish Overcoming Obstacles

As we all know, 2020 was one of the most difficult challenges for all businesses around the world, and most of the agencies in Egypt suffered during this period. Big Fish has overcome all of these obstacles and challenges and kept on flourishing and gaining clients.

In fact, it has added a list of important and big clients to its list, such as Wadi Degla Developments, Al Jazi Egypt, Maxim Development, Tatweer Misr, El Gouna, Bank ABC, ESLSCA University, Rabbit, IGI Real Estate, White Bay, Cornerstone Development, and now SODIC and City Edge Developments.

So, for a 2-year-old agency to include all of these big names in its portfolio while going through an international crisis, is considered a sign of how successful this company is and its team.


Big Fish is a huge competitor to other agencies as it is taking many steps towards success. It can be an example for other young agencies that aspire to reserve their place in this field.

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