Big News For Advertisers: Facebook Removes The 20% Text Rule Restrictions

If you are an advertiser, graphic designer, or even content creator, then you have probably faced this obstacle of Facebook refusing your design due to the text written on the image. Over the years, many texts were rewritten due to this rule and it annoyed whoever is working in the social media field.

A couple of days ago, Facebook released a piece of interesting news regarding this matter that will excite everyone who works in this field. From now on, there won’t be any restrictions over the image text.


Facebook Removes Its 20% Rule

The famous platform had restrictions on its ads section that included rejecting any ad that its image contained over 20% text. So, back then advertisers, designers, and content creators made sure that the written text on the image was small so it won’t be rejected.

Facebook even had a Text Overlay tool to check if the submitted designs were aligned with the 20% restriction or not to make sure every image is following the restrictions.

From this day on, get ready to say goodbye to this rule along with the tool.


Advertisers’ Requests Were Listened To

Facebook has announced that it is releasing a new update that will put all advertisers at ease, as it will remove the ads restrictions and from the 7th of September. The platform started removing all externals and materials that get in the way of any image with over 20% text.

Facebook already started informing advertisers about the new update.

In a statement shared by the social media expert Matt Navarra, he said that Facebook is removing its 20% text in image rule and that the platform is always improving the quality of ads.

Back in 2018, Facebook allowed images with over 20% text but it warned that it will affect the reach of the post. This condition was also removed along with the ads’ restrictions.

The recent changes included:

  • Infographics
  • Covers for things like books
  • A product image where it sports a text label
  • Event posters
  • Screenshots for things like apps and software
  • Cartoons or comics

So now advertisers are free to use images with text and it will be approved with no conditions and it will not affect the reach of the post, everything will remain the same depending on the post’s approach.


Historically: The Reason Behind The 20% Rule

Over the years it was noted in the Facebook and Instagram reports that users disliked images with too much text in, therefore, it created the restriction to enhance the user’s experience and the reach of the post itself, so it can serve its purpose. This was also the reason behind the low reach of images that break the 20% rule.


So, advertisers, you can now do a sigh of relief as you will no longer face this obstacle ever again.

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