Ramadan 2019

Best of Ramadan 2019: Mo Salah Asks Fans to Love Themselves by Overcoming Drug Addiction

Self-love has always been a difficult subject for many people, but loving others, especially celebrities, come so easily for many. Why do you share concern about people we don’t know on our TV screens but not for our own wellbeing?

One of this year’s Ramadan campaigns looked to answer that and encourage others to love themselves as much as they love a celebrity.

In 2018, it was announced by CAPMAS that 22.8% of Egyptians smoked, while Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Wali stated in early 2018 that the rate of drug addiction in Egypt had reached 10 percent (9.6 million people) and is twice the global rates.

For the last few years, the national fund for the prevention and treatment of drug addiction and abuse, also called the Egyptian Anti-Addiction Treatment Fund, has been working with celebrities to help combat these issues to help improve the country’s health.

This year’s Ramadan campaign breaks through the clutter of not only their own ads, but through almost all of the clutter this year with a powerful message.

Rather than encouraging and motivating others to follow Salah’s example, this year’s campaign focuses on using the love and encourage we give to Mohamed Salah and put it towards ourselves.


Mo Salah’s Optimized Use

Mohamed Salah is a national hero which also means that he has several contracts and obligations to multiple brands, these affect just how much he can still break through all the ad clutter surrounding Ramadan. However, this year’s campaign breaks through because of one crucial element.

The agency behind the campaign understood how to use Mo Salah optimally.

Using Mo Salah’s huge and encouraging fanbase, the campaign boasts about our love for Salah but mainly reminds us to take our own words of love and encouragement and listen to it ourselves. To love and praise ourselves just as much as we love and praise the Liverpool player, to remember that we are stronger than the obstacles in front of us.

The campaign has a clear understand of his fans and how Mo Salah’s fanbase would react if he were to smoke a cigarette or if they were able to share a deep moment with him. The comprehensive use of Mo Salah doesn’t have to stop at Mo Salah, it encompasses all of him including his fans and the people supporting him and that is how this campaign was able to use the footballer to the best of any agency or brand’s capabilities.


Target and Impact

Not only did the campaign absolutely break through the clutter with its powerful message and clear CTA, it has truly impacted some people’s lives.

Agency: Animation Advertising

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