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Badya and Amr Diab: Simplicity And Elegance Combined In One Advert

This year’s Ramadan adverts have been impressing almost everyone; we have seen a huge improvement in the presented ideas and creativity than last year’s. One of the sectors that got the attention of people, is real estate.

Last year, we didn’t see much from real estate projects, but this Ramadan, a real estate brand has been standing out!

We are all used to real estate adverts being straight to the point and just presenting what they offer; but this brand’s advert was different as it didn’t just offer its facilities, it collaborated with an icon and gave something to the audience that stayed in their heads. This real estate brand is Badya.


A City of New Worlds

The first day of Ramadan witnessed the release of many adverts, but a certain one caught our eyes.

Palm Hills Developments launched a campaign to promote its largest project / city “Badya” under the name of “A City of New Worlds”; ‘Badya’ is, in fact, the new Palm Hills and it’s the first city in New October. The advert showed the various types of Badya’s facilities by taking shots of how a girl spends her day.

The advert started with the voice of no other than the iconic Amr Diab and ended with his appearance on stage singing as the girl in the advert reaches his concert.

Having Amr Diab in the advert was a huge surprise especially that we haven’t seen him in a Ramadan advert for a long time; so, it was a smart move from Badya to collaborate with the legend.

The tour given in the advert along with Amr Diab’s voice brought us back to the good old days and reminded us of all the beautiful memories we shared with family and friends while listening to his songs. His voice always gives us memories and now when we hear him or the song we will immediately remember Badya.


An Advert That Gives A Tour

The main goal of Badya’s campaign is to promote the project with its facilities.

As we mentioned, Badya is one of the largest real estate projects, therefore, it is providing its inhabitants with all the facilities they could ever need.

The project includes educational schools and universities. In fact, Badya has the first international university in the West Side of Cairo and it’s called ‘Badya International University. The university is in affiliation with the Medical University of Vienna. This is actually the first university inside this new expansion in October.

As for schools, Badya’s inhabitants have Badya Kings School.

The project also has a commercial area and various sports places. Whoever wants to work out or relax will find their place as there’s a gym, spa, parks for jogging, Badya stables by Rob Ehrens, and the biggest sports club in the west, Badya Palm Hills Sports Club; the club is 85,000 acres.


Taking Over Social Media Trending Adverts

Badya’s advert topped all the real estate adverts!

The advert is actually the most-watched one among other real estate brands that released adverts this Ramadan. On YouTube, the advert has over 9.9M views, while on Facebook has 20.8M views, so, in total, the advert so far has over 30M views.

This makes the brand compete with other brands outside the real estate sector in the Ramadan campaign race.

It’s also worth mentioning that it was trending over Twitter and Amr Diab’s song is the number one hit on Anghami.


Elements of Success

The campaign and the advert had many elements that drove it towards success.

First of all, it gave the viewer a whole tour of what Badya provides. Second, having Amr Diab in the advert and with a song, helped the advert reach more than just the target audience, as almost everyone listens to “El Hadaba”.

These two elements attracted those of young age, which is the third element of the success, as the advert was the talk of youth on social media.


In the end, Badya, through combining these elements succeeded to attract millions of viewers.  

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