B-Digital is Etisalat Misr new haven for entrepreneurs to support working remotely

Keeping the workplace safe and encouraging your employees to keep the high productivity level is nowadays every business challenge.

And to help companies achieve this, we’ve realized that Etisalat has just developed B-Digital to be the first of its kind platform in Egypt for entrepreneurs and startups. The new B-Digital is a win-win solution for SMEs that allows the team to relish for its flexibility while keeping their work-life progress without the need of being in the office.

The telecom giant has created this new bundle, which can be used through Etisalat Business app which came in favor of entrepreneurs; whether you own a small business, startup or a medium-sized company, this platform will be extremely helpful to your business especially in the current circumstances that the world is facing due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What You Need to Know About B-Digital

The platform offers an End-to-End digital experience to the users, which allow them to subscribe, control & monitor their plan with just one click. It is specifically designed for SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises), entrepreneurs and companies that are less than 40 employees; and as it was mentioned the bundle can be used through Etisalat Business Application.


B-Digital Features

The bundle will provide the entrepreneur with full control and accessibility. Given the end to end digital experience, the customer can start buying the employees lines conveniently from home and control them through the application.

B-Digital’s bundle offers local minutes, free company minutes, mobile internet and messages which will be completely under the Business owner’s control which means they can monitor and distribute the bundle with its minutes and megabytes over the employees according to their job and its requirements.

Also, the Business owner will be able to keep an eye on the employees’ consumption. The bundle will offer 4 rate planes and the quota that can be shared with a group of 5 employees up to 40.

How To Use B-Digital

To maintain the public’s safety, Etisalat has made B-Digital easy to use. You can use the service and buy the lines from home.

All you have to do is, create a business account, choose the suitable bundle, choose the dials, upload the company’s commercial register and tax card and the last step is receiving the purchased lines right to your doorstep. Etisalat is urging people to stay home during the Coronavirus, so, you will have the benefit of receiving your purchased lines while at home to avoid any crowded places.

The company managed to develop a full digital experience for all startups and business professionals to manage their business and connect with their team from home during COVID-19 breakdown.

B-Digital is the first platform in Egypt that has those previous features so it is considered to be the first of its type. Also, this is the first phase of the project, so, with time there will be more options and flexibility that the customer will be able to enjoy.

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