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Awesome conversation between Pepsi and Coke marketing managers

The Marketing communication as we know have changed allot, Since the dawn of the Internet, marketers have regarded it as a vast laboratory, launching experiment after experiment to crack the code that generates sales and customer loyalty. Companies have explored digital-marketing vehicles where people, technology and ideas converge to help marketers get the fastest speed to results.

Brands that understand this evolution are now carefully moving digital interactivity toward the center of their marketing strategies, rethinking their priorities and budgets, and substantially reshaping their processes and skills.

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Brands used to compete and send messages to competitors over billboards or, taglines. Digital technology is changing all that and the heroes of our story are Fadl AboWafia [Senior Brand Manager Colas at PepsiCo] and  Youssef Ayoub [Senior Brand Manager – Coca-Cola] used Think Marketing Facebook fan page to have this short, yet awesome conversation.

It started by posting Social Media analysis for Coca Cola #Etganen Campaign when Fadl AboWafia from Pepsico decided to grab Coke brand manager Youssef Ayoub to it by tagging him in the post comment. Coca Cola Brand manager replied ” thx ya man for passing this info”

Its just awesome to see this friendly spirit between two of the most competitive brands worldwide 🙂


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