Manal Negmeldin

Manal is a subject matter expert at E-Business. She started E-Business Career since 2003. She is working at her family Business for 17 years now, a company of 27K employees started by her grandfather 54 years ago. She is managing a team of 500 people at Elaraby. She established the E-business department at Elaraby 15 years ago.
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How to brand yourself on Social Media in 6 simple ways

As a small employee, an entrepreneurs or, even a job seeker, you…

Manal Negmeldin By Manal Negmeldin

10 Years of Social Media [From-To-Do-2-To-Share]

More than ten years now of social media .according to Facebook 1.23…

Manal Negmeldin By Manal Negmeldin

Chinese Social Media Going Crazy for Egyptian Temple Graffiti

uring my recent visit to China and while I was checking the…

Manal Negmeldin By Manal Negmeldin