Personal Branding

How to brand yourself on Social Media in 6 simple ways

As a small employee, an entrepreneurs or, even a job seeker, you can use Social Media in many ways to brand yourself. You might not noticed that  37% of employers look on candidates profile on Social Media before hiring them. What they share with their friends, their way of thinking and even their life style. How to brand yourself is not about acting or pretending you are someone else. It is about to present the good qualifications you already have. We are going to help you in 6 simple ways to brand yourself.


1- Your profile picture

Choose good quality picture represents your personality and lifestyle and it is preferable to be individual picture especially your LinkedIn picture preferred to be formal one not with your friends or, family members.


2- Your friends list

It is better to hide your friends list on Facebook especially if you will make your account reachable to everyone so no one can annoy your friends and family!  On the contrary LinkedIn the more professional people you have the better exposure you got and consequently you will have a wider chance to be noticed by potential business opportunities.


3- The content you share

Although you are sitting in your office or, at home by night spending sometime alone but what you publish are seen by the whole world. Every person for sure have some experiences fits his/her personality. Try to organize your ideas, write in a nice way and share your genuine experiences that matters and remember to skip the mind-set of posting for the sake of proofing you are here !


4- Your profile

What you write about yourself is every important. Imagine how many people you can search over Google and how to address yourself in all this crowd. Be unique and write down all your experiences reflects your passion, your strength also a life quote and your value proposition.


5- Choose your target audience

Who you want to reach? Be focused on your target audience. One of the biggest mistake you can do is to try to reach all people!  If you want to attract everyone on Social Media we’ll have to talk different languages designed for different targeted segments , If not, it will lead to loose your credibility … Always Focus !


6- Take feedback

One of the most important step in self development is to take feedback from people and start comparing the feedback with your self awareness making SWOT analysis to yourself and update every while to support your self development plan.

Manal Negmeldin

Manal is a subject matter expert at E-Business. She started E-Business Career since 2003. She is working at her family Business for 17 years now, a company of 27K employees started by her grandfather 54 years ago. She is managing a team of 500 people at Elaraby. She established the E-business department at Elaraby 15 years ago.