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10 Years of Social Media [From-To-Do-2-To-Share]

More than ten years now of social media .according to Facebook 1.23 billion active users monthly. 757 million users login daily. About time spent daily 2-3 hours, these numbers are much higher in Egypt. During these last 10 years of social media people attitude have been changing, Lets take some examples about people reactions.

1- News and Events:

Some people nowadays are caring to be the first at sharing news and events. It is just a click away to share with the world. Some people have followers, on social media because the kind of news and event they are sharing. (Photographers). Some other people interested in the kind of information and knowledge people share. It is all about if you are a content creator or a sharing person. You will also notice people prototype in reading have been changed, just keep it short and to the point, they don’t have time or effort to go on reading longer articles or subjects even if they are interested in.

2- Greeting and Consolation:

Weather they are your relatives or friends ,nowadays you can just write to them on social media ,saying , happy birthday , happy feast , or even send your consolation. Some families and friends group, just became virtual , because of over usage of Social Media . They don’t call or meet their only communication booth through Social Media . And it is okay with them, no one complaining and they feel connected

3- Complaining:

As people behavior change, their complaining way have been changed too. Now you can find customers complaining about products or services online. May be they don’t contact the company or service provider in first place, they share it online even if there are some groups and pages for such complains. Dear companies owners it is about “word of mouth” now, if you to hear your customers and achieve customer satisfaction , keep following your customers any where and all the time.

4- On Street Reaction:

How people reacting in real life changed too. Instead of taking instance reaction about any thing bother them, their only reaction is to shoot pictures and share them . For example, when they saw , lost child , instead of going to police station or share in finding his parents,they just share his picture online. Even when they saw some people behave or act in a wrong way, it is easier to take their photo and share it online with their own comments, instead of going and talking to these people. Even if this inappropriate action happened to them , you can find it on their status . They stop taking action in real life, they became virtual too !

5- Political Point Of View:

One of Social main features , your voice is heard. Now you can express your self. Start open discussion about any topic or subject you want. But in immature society, this will lead to real life conflict. If your point of view, different that your society flow. Maybe you will lose some of your friends or relatives. Specially when all people are following this conflict online.

Agree or disagree, about social presence , they are changing our lives . As social media , lets connect with old friends and family members, express ourselves in a way or another ,we should take care of their bad influence….

Manal Negmeldin

Manal is a subject matter expert at E-Business. She started E-Business Career since 2003. She is working at her family Business for 17 years now, a company of 27K employees started by her grandfather 54 years ago. She is managing a team of 500 people at Elaraby. She established the E-business department at Elaraby 15 years ago.