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Arab Affiliate Summit: ship sails from Egypt to dock in Morocco

Making money online Industry is highlighted nowadays. Everyone would like to find his/her track through this space and AAS event is your best place to start.

Affiliate marketing industry take a large market share from Merchants and freelancers in Arab region.Everyone wants to know more and learn new tools to speed up in his/her business and achieve more numbers. One of the biggest events that happen in MENA region speaks about Making Money through online industry, particularly Affiliate Marketing and E-Commerce.

Exclusively for the first time, Arab Affiliate Summit will be shaped in different style and location. The ship will sale from Cairo, Egypt to dock in Casablanca, Morocco . As Morocco is one of the largest countries in MENA region focusing on Affiliate Marketing and the industry overall is very active in it. Besides it’s considered pioneer in the industry.

So it will be a good chance to extend the market share in Arab Region. and meet the industry’s personas. Also the summit will update the layout of the event overall. It will be for 3 days this year, 2 days for Sessions and workshops and the third day for activities such as: Roundtable Activities – Panel Discussions – Networking Activities and much more to meet the need of target audience and being on the same page of the industry on the global vision.

AAS is an annual event that has started in 2014 in Cairo ,Egypt. This successful event still in row for 4 glorious returns in the same country, With a total number of attendees exceeded 3,500 attendees from +30 Countries.

On the other hand, the event had tackled the industry in 70+ Sessions, workshops and activities, handled by +100 International Speaker and the support of +50 Sponsors & Partners.

Arab Affiliate Summit is targeting all people who are interested in making money through online industry by affiliate marketing & E-commerce from all angles.

And for anyone who is working or interested in this industry, it’s important to attend AAS to get to know the updates, learn about new tools, network with other industry colleagues, find new partnerships,or even meet the companies that want to launch their affiliate program or hiring team for E Commerce & Affiliate Marketing.

Arab Affiliate Summit 2018 expands regionally

The Goal of AAS is to serve the whole Arab region with their Values and Vision so this year as its one of the major destinations for the industry in the region they go to Morocco.

The 5th version of AAS will be AAS 2018 – Morocco. This year’s event will take place in Casablanca, City of Business – Morocco on 1 – 2 – 3 November. They are looking forward to meet +1000 Affiliate from all over the Arab Region, Africa and globally with +25 international Speakers.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate experience of joining the community, it’s time to add AAS in your schedule .. Don’t miss this chance!

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