April Fools' Day Best Marketing Campaigns 2014 review

Happy April Fools’ Day! It seems every year, game companies all across the globe get caught up in pranking their fans for April 1st. 2014 is proving to be no exception, with multiple pranks already having been unveiled. Below you will find all of the pranks we’ve caught onto this year. Be sure to add any we may have missed!

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LinkedIn’s new cat-working platform

LinkedIn’s new cat-working platform “Cats You May Know” cat-nects humans with feline influencers like Admiral Wiggles and Battlepaws Galacticat. (LinkedIn)

Announcing LinkedIn Cats You May Know: Connecting Felines One Paw at a Time
Announcing LinkedIn Cats You May Know: Connecting Felines One Paw at a Time

A drone that takes selfies by Orbotix

Southwest Airlines offering trips to Mars

Virgin America and Nest Team Up

Virgin America and newly acquired smart-device company Nest went to great lengths for their April Fools’ Day announcement, which featured the CEOs of both companies, Richard Branson and Tony Fadell, respectively. Both companies featured separate announcements on the Virgin America and Nest websites.

Google Magic Hand

Google Japan has introduced the Magic Hand, a new input method for smartphones. In short, you no longer have to operate your own mobile device: the magic hand does all the hard work.

Google Play Signature Edition


Want A Job At Google?

Tech giant Google released a YouTube video in which it announced that the company is hiring “Pokémon Masters,” who will take Google Maps “to the next dimension.”

Google Auto-Awesome Resumes


Bekam offers 90% discount for iPhone5s

Bekam April fool 2014
The advert direct you to this page

Clorets Egypt

Think Marketing Acquired by Facebook

As marketing expert, you can always be on top of news for a tricky April Fools’ Day marketing announcement that can quickly make headlines. We just have one piece of advice: use this strategy with caution!

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