Apple Mocks Facebook and Google in Latest “Privacy on iPhone” Advert

Apple on 94 seconds video has released a new advertisement to highlight its commitment to privacy on iPhones to promote its key privacy features and convince audience to choose an iPhone over the competition as part of the last privacy campaign released last year.

In the commercial advert, Ellie is like all of us; just a person perusing the latest offerings in a music store, then she find out a door and a hidden auction where her data is being sold.

The advert themed ‘Data Auction’ focuses on data auctions and data brokers where an auctioneer is seen selling data of a user, the ad highlights the fact that how people nowadays are losing their personal data privacy at different levels and through various resources, including emails, messages, and browser history.

Apple, of course, emphasizes how features built-in to iOS such as App Tracking Transparency, App Privacy Report, and Mail Privacy Protection help users combat these data brokers.

The Advert showcase how Apple’s App Tracking Transparency and Mail Privacy Protection as some of the inbuilt features is a secret weapon to help protect data tracking.

The advert shows that once you turns on App Tracking Transparency by asking apps to “not track” activity for sharing with advertisers or data brokers. The feature was brought to users in April last year — after some delay due to implementation concerns.

Worth mentioning that Apple has features including Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari and Location Services privacy controls that were recently introduced to enhance privacy of iPhone users. The purpose of the ad is to emphasise on these offerings — to eventually convince people to buy an iPhone.

The new ad campaign by Apple has started running in 24 countries in total and will be translated in languages other than English in select markets to reach a large number of audiences. Apple also planning to place new billboards in every country where the ad is running to better reach its potential customers.

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