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How Anghami is taking MENA brands’ sonic identity to the next level

Founded in 2012, Anghami is now the leading music streaming company in the MENA region. The platform was created to give easy, fast, affordable and legitimate access to music to millions of people in the Arab region.

At the time, Anghami was trying to solve a number of complex issues through its app, not the least the issue of physical distribution of music across borders, to expand the reach and eliminate complicated logistics.

The solution was also able to reduce music piracy by offering affordable access to millions of catalogues of every genre to audiences of all ages. It also offers marketers and the music industry a new way to reach consumers, by becoming the first and only platform to bring music marketing to the region through audio ads and sponsored playlists.

The solution is not only disrupting the regional music industry but also giving top brands the opportunity to exclusively customize a user’s experience driven by innovation and creativity through data and technology.


The Power of Sonic Identity

Music has always been a major focus for brands to communicate to potential consumers. Nowadays, sonic branding is increasingly becoming a vehicle for conveying a memorable message to targeted consumers, taking advantage of the powerful memory sense of sound.

Marketers can now craft a brand’s sonic identity and utilize Anghami’s platform to better reach consumers through deep music intelligence. Although musical taste is personal, music also has a community aspect. Associating a brand with music is creating a community for its consumers and consumers like to be part of a community.


79% of audio consumption happens when people are in locations or doing things where visual media cannot reach them. Brands also receive 59% higher recall with audio as well as 2X more on purchase intent versus display, making audio ads a highly sought-after ad format for marketers.

Since inception, Anghami has partnered with more than 20 mobile operators from 10 countries and works with over 200 brands and technology providers to provide international and local music to over 40 million users. Brands have realized the value of audio ads and are using them to make a big impact amongst their target customers.


The Strategic use of Music and Sound

Music and sound can instantaneously trigger an emotional response, increase awareness and attribution, improve perceptions, drive consideration and build deeper connections.

Today music listening is at an all-time high and people rely on their favorite songs to accompany their various experiences. Anghami leverages the connection between music and activities by providing people with playlists made up of the best songs for activities like running, driving, exercising etc and offers brands the opportunity to sponsor those targeted playlists. When brands tap into the power of music and sound, experiences will be better and personal connections with the brand will be stronger.


The targeting algorithm does not only use data and technology, but also considers the emotions of the consumer. Anghami’s playlists and “moods” allow marketers to reach target audiences while they are in a certain mood or emotion. This allows marketers to directly attach brands to specific associations and feelings the consumers are experiencing at that moment.

Do you believe that the platform could provide marketers with a new and unique method to reach specific target audiences, and associate brands with chosen emotions? Let us know in the comments below.

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