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An Unforgettable Digital Experience from Cannes Lions Coming Soon

As we are currently living in the age of pandemic, where everything completely shifted and is either on hiatus or joined the digital world; Cannes Lions, one of the biggest events will be held online under the name of Lions Live for the very first time due to the current circumstances of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Cannes Lions is an international festival of creativity that started in 1954 and ever since then it has been bringing all creative industries together every year in one event. This time the event will be online, free, and live for everyone to be part of.


The Purpose of Cannes Lions – Lions Live

Since the future has become vague and everyone is clueless about what’s coming next, This online event is here to gather creative minds to think about what the future might holds. Lions Live is a curated digital experience that will discuss a global perspective on what’s next.

The event will bring together experts and creative agencies from 118 countries across the creative industry to discuss brand adaptation to the recent circumstances, how the consumer’s behavior changed, agencies and how they are adjusting their business, and how pioneers are creating solutions to face the pandemic.


Cannes Lions – Lions Live Schedule

The event will start on the 22nd of June till the 26th of June 2020, and you will enjoy a beautifully produced digital experience live form London Studio presented by the BBC Journalist Tina Daheley.

Lions Live will include an online course in collaboration with 42Courses that will take you on a journey of ten lessons that are important to learn if you want to pursue a career in the business of creativity.

Lions Live week will include over 40 hours of produced creative content; the event’s program will include great names like Endeavor’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bozoma Saint John, New York University professor and the author of “The Four” Scott Galloway, and the veteran Indian actor Anupam Kher who will discuss his creative career in film.


What the Event Offers

During the week of Lions Live, the event will offer unlimited access to the learning platform “The Work” to explore thousands of strategies and ideas that distinguish Lion-winning work. Lions Live will also offer to explore the winning and shortlisted work.

One of the important things that Lions Live will introduce is The Classic Collection that shaped the culture from 1954 to 2000 will be available to be viewed. In addition, Live Lions will offer to explore their sources of analysis, thought-leadership, Original LIONS research, and Official Cannes Lions performance rankings. Participants can also enjoy dedicated podcasts, Docu-series, and expert discussion on winning work.


Young Lions Live Award

Lions Live is inviting participants from 18 to 30 to answer a brief from the humanitarian organization, the United Nations World Food Program. The award is for those who are creative and it wants the extraordinary talents to help move forward to come up with solutions to address hunger.


We are so excited to witness this digital experience as Cannes Lions is one of the most important events for creatives and this is the first time to be online.

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