An Interview With Abeer Alessa Talking About The Collaboration Between The Chamber of Commerce And Creative Industry Summit

Creative Industry Summit is partnering with the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh and we were lucky to interview Abeer Alessa, the Advertising Committee at the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh, and the Founder & Managing Director of Bold Agency discussing the collaboration with Creative Industry Summit.


1- What encouraged you to collaborate with Creative Industry Summit?

We believe that the C-S has been doing an incredible job in bringing the regions’ creative industry together.


2- What are you looking for in the future collaborations between you and C-S?

We look forward to having C-S in Riyadh and for further events.


3- What was the goal of this collaboration?

From this collaboration, we aim to develop skills and transfer the knowledge between Saudi Arabia & Egypt


4- Who is the speaker you were most excited to listen to?

To be honest, I was excited the most to see the whole KSA track and its effect.


5- How do you think the collaboration with C-S will affect the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce?

We believe having Saudi speakers with great success stories to share will inspire other creatives around the world and will definitely open doors for collaborations & new business ventures.


6- How is C-S helping you as a manager and a founder?

Look, participate, collaborate, and get inspired beyond your borders.


We can’t wait to see another Creative Industry Summit edition in KSA. 

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