An Interview Newbie? Here Are 8 Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Interview

We all went through many job interviews and we had a lot of experience on how to handle one. If you want this job badly, you have to make sure that you are leaving a good impression and handing out an updated and professional resume.

Interview mistakes are common and some of them are easily made so you have to be careful when you’re going through an interview. We will tell you a list of mistakes that you should avoid when you are at a job interview.


1- Never Show Up Unprepared

At any job interview, you will be asked about the company, what you know about it, and what it does; you have to prepare your answers and you have to do some research on the company.

Showing up unprepared will ruin your chances of getting hired because it will show that you are not interested and you are just coming to fill a position. Whoever runs the interview is expecting you to know whom you’re working for


2- “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

“My company was…” Let me stop you right there. If you had a bad experience in your last job then keep it to yourself, don’t expose your last company’s problems, and never speak badly about it!

Keep it professional and keep your work problems away from your interview because this will affect the hiring process. No company wants an employee that will speak badly about them when they leave.


3- Don’t Be Late and Don’t Be Too Early

Being late will leave a first bad impression because it will make the interviewer think that you’re not punctual and that later if you are hired, you will be late for work. So never be late.

Also, don’t be too early, the interviewer set a certain time for a reason, being too early either you will make them rush whatever they are doing or you will be left waiting.

So, always be on time.


4- “I Don’t Have Any Questions..”

At the end of any job interview, you will be asked if you have questions, never answer with no. Always prepare some questions for the interviewer related to your title and to the company’s field. This will show them that you are interested in the job and in what the company does.


5- Lying on Your Resume or Interview

Some people think that if they lied on their resume or in their interview they might have a chance in getting hired; this is absolutely wrong.

Stating that you’re capable of doing something you can’t, will make you lose the vacancy right away.

You will be asked to do a certain task to prove your experience, if you didn’t perform well, then you lost the job.

You should only commit to what you can do in the interview and don’t add up to it; eventually, the company will know.


6- Discussing Salary or Time Off

Don’t discuss the salary or vacation in the interview, you’re not hired yet. It will give the impression that you only care about money and vacation.

Leave these type of questions when you’re accepted and when you receive the job offer; then you can discuss your points.


7- Your Body Language Says It All

Body language is important and some people actually pay attention to it; so be careful. For example, don’t lose your smile, show up smiling and friendly, avoid the frowning anxious face, also, don’t shake your legs or move your chair too much, it will show that you’re anxious.

Sit still, smile, and be friendly and when you shake hands, do it firmly, it will show confidence.


8- Lack of Communication

The interviewer will look for someone who can run a conversation and communicate because you will deal with a team. It’s a two-way conversation, so make it interesting. Don’t just listen and nod, ask questions, and reply back; but your questions and conversation should be work-related, don’t get personal.


Remember, you’re going through this interview because the company saw potentials in you. So, be confident and show your interviewer that you deserve this job.

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