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Amr El Kalaawy promoted as FP7/CAI’s Managing Director

With the new year comes new changes.

FP7/CAI, previously Fortune Promo Seven, has just made changes to their managerial roster.

Amr El Kalaawy, formerly their General Manager, has been working with FP7 for over 10 years now, and continues on with his work as, now, the new Managing Director of FP7’s Cairo chapter.

El Kalaawy takes over the spot from Sahar El Zoghby, who is currently MCN Egypt’s CEO.

Here is the official announcement by Regional FP7 CEO, Tarek Miknas.


Dear All,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Amr El Kalaawy as the Managing Director of FP7/CAI effective immediately.

Amr has almost 20 years of experience in the advertising industry in Egypt covering almost each and every business category; 11 of which have been with FP7/CAI.

Amr’s competitive nature, stubborn determination to win, and collaborative leadership style has become well known across the FP7 network.

He has achieved his ambitions and overachieved our expectations, whether his focus was on growth, client retention, product, people or process. In fact, he manages to multi-task across all of these responsibilities on a daily basis.

When Amr introduces the digital practice at FP7/CAI, we start beating the pure play agencies within a year and have become the largest in-house digital offering in the country.

With a belief in the creative product, it’s no surprise that under his leadership, our agency enjoys a reputation far superior to other agencies – this year, we are the most Effective Agency in Egypt for the 2nd year in a row. And the 2nd most Effective in the entire region.

His office is like an open-door policy gone wild. He always has time to grow and support our people – after hiring the best of the best, of course.

By doing all of this and more, he has earned himself the respect and professional admiration of his clients, colleagues, his teams and his seniors.

In his new position, reporting into Sahar El Zoghby, as MCN Egypt CEO, he will be challenged to lead our agency to the future. And under this new structure, we can expect to see a greater deal of sister agency collaboration which we believe will lead to a richer, more integrated product.

Please join me in congratulating Amr and wishing him continued success.

He deserves every bit of it.



Tarek Miknas



We also would like to congratulate El Kalaawy for his new promotion. Amr, we’ll be waiting to see what you can come up with this year.

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