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Amazon To Launch Amazon Egypt Later This Year []

Interesting news has been circulating the internet since Monday; Amazon is set to launch its own website in Egypt. This is a great opportunity for business owners and local businesses to expand their customers base and it is great news for online shoppers.

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the whole world and for it to launch in Egypt is a major step that could make a change in the e-commerce field in Egypt. The website will be providing many opportunities for sellers to grow their customers and gain more popularity.

If you own a local business, brand or if you’re an online shopper, then you might want to keep reading to know all the information you need.



All Sellers Are Invited

On the 26th of July, Amazon has announced that it is launching its website in Egypt later this year.

Amazon is inviting all sellers to register so they can have the opportunity to expand their business; the company has announced that Amazon Seller Central, its seller management tool is now open for sellers to register through to be ready when the website is launched.

The registration is also open for those who are already using as they have the ability to access Amazon Seller Central. In fact, the company wants them to experience the new features of the seller tool and wants them to validate their account information to begin selling on the e-commerce website as soon as it is launched.

Omar Elsahy, the general manager of Amazon and in Egypt said,

The introduction of Amazon Seller Central in Egypt is a key milestone in our journey to continue supporting local Egyptian businesses of all sizes, delivering greater opportunities to help them grow and connect with millions of customers. With a wealth of great retailers, sellers, brands, and handicrafts, we are excited to be working hand-in-hand with the industrial sector in Egypt to continue serving customers across the country. Their success is our success, as we remain committed to providing customers with a great shopping experience supported by what they tell us they value the most—low prices and vast selection, paired with fast delivery.



Amazon Will Help Sellers To Grow

Amazon will be providing both customers and sellers more options and selection, which means that the multinational company supports and empowers third-party sellers. Any type of business can join Amazon, it doesn’t matter if it’s small or big; in fact, small and medium-sized enterprises constitute 50% of everything on Amazon’s online store globally.

The multinational company will offer a great range of tools and programs to help its sellers grow and expand their business; this can be achieved through campaigns of promotions and coupons presented to the customers to discover the sellers’ products.

Also, Amazon will be providing the sellers with various easy and stress-free strategies when it comes to shipping the customers’ orders. One of those strategies is Fulfillment by Amazon, whereby sellers can send their products to Amazon’s fulfillment center so it can take control from this point.

Elsahy stated the following,

The largest household brands, as well as emerging ones, all sell on Amazon globally, and we’re excited to bring this experience to the thousands of diverse sellers in Egypt in preparation for the launch of” He continued “Amazon already has a wide fulfillment network across Egypt and, with FBA, sellers are now able to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers for faster customer shipping at the time of the launch of



Will We See A Vicious Competition?

Amazon has been operating in Egypt since 2017 through; but will the launch affect the e-commerce website?

We have plenty of e-commerce websites in Egypt, like Souq, Jumia, Noon, etc. With Amazon being launched, we might see a huge change. Since Amazon is widely famous among people around the world, we believe that many customers will be using the website once it’s launched.

We also might witness many marketing campaigns to promote each website to gain more customers. To sum it up, there might be a huge competition coming later this year between all of these e-commerce websites.



We are super excited to see what new things Amazon will bring when it’s launched.

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