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ALEXBANK spreads banking awareness we didn’t know we already needed!

Take a moment and think, do we as everyday consumers truly understand the products and services offered to us, and are consumers 100% convinced with what they are buying?

So ALEXBANK’s team asked themselves “How much do your everyday Egyptians really know about banking terminologies, products & services?” They decided to do the public a favor and create a new edu-tainment online series that helps consumers understand banking terminologies in a simple yet humorous way.

Consumers actually expect brands to provide content that educates, informs and helps them, which doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Fun, entertaining and informative content is what the consumers are demanding.

How to Overcome Creative Banking Advertising Challenges?

As many of us don’t know the difference between Saving & Current bank accounts, the benefits of TDs and CDs, and various banking products, which to choose when we want a certain outcome. We certainly don’t want to seem uninformed in front of the bank clerk or anyone for that matter.

Marketing is not only about capturing the interest and influencing targeted audiences to drive sales but it’s more important to excite and maintain the emotional connection between your brand and the consumer. The challenge here was how can you tackle a national issue like banking illiteracy? This is where the concept of the show generated. The ALEXBANK team took to the streets and deployed Ahmed El Garhi (of Zee3 Mawhebtak) to head to the streets of Cairo to get the inside scoop on “banking terminology”

ALEXBANK cares about adding value and educating consumer on brand’s products and services to further strengthen your brand perception and provide content that would genuinely make a difference to consumers’ lives.

Digital Media empowered the marketers at ALEXBANK with new solutions to avoid the traditional tactics to intrigue audience’s curiosity, enable a two-way communication and creating simple, fun and informative content, becoming a reliable solution to get them sharing it to spread knowledge.


Did you ever wonder why BuzzFeed videos get such high viewership rates?

The answer is easy, BuzzFeed presents various types of information and knowledge in the shortest, funniest and simplest way possible. This is basically the format that ALEXBANK adopted, hence the campaign’s success

The two most powerful drivers of sharable content success:

  • Psychological response (how the content makes you feel).
  • Social motivation (why you want to share it).

According to Harvard Business Review, social viewers “people who watch shared content rather than videos they’ve found by browsing” are far more likely to buy a product and recommend it to others.

This is exactly what ALEXBANK did, taking the approach of educating and adding value to vast majority of Egyptians and avoid the normal cliché of banking sector content.

When we watched Ahmed Garhy’s banking experience, and listen to his conversation with his uncle, we instantly related to this situation. ALEXBANK succeeded in introducing a relatable real-life scenario.

ALEXBANK decided to create a campaign to educate and answer frequently asked question in a series of fun, simple and short videos.

You wouldn’t get bored, confused or lost as it doesn’t include banking terminologies or too-many technicalities. It’s simple and entertaining.

This type of informative webseries, urges the audience to engage more with the brand to know more, to ask specific questions and to share the knowledge they just gained from the advert.

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ALEXBANK’s Edu-entertainment web series has balanced the perfect mix between humor and education, from showcasing the fact that not many people know the difference between various banking services, and how banking the right way benefits your future, your family and your dream projects in a simple, fun, educational and easy way!

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