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Aleph Holding Enters The MENA Through Acquiring 86% In Connect Ads

The digital field is expanding very rapidly; every day we see a new company emerge, a huge entrepreneur invest in a digital company or even launch his own, or 2 companies collaborate to expand. It became very obvious that the digital field is dominating every business sector.

Every company’s goal is to expand and increase its presence in the market around the world, and this is what Aleph Holding has been achieving over the years.

In recent exciting news, it was announced that Aleph Holding acquired 86% in Connect Ads, the MENA’s digital media powerhouse and advertising and solution provider.



Aleph Holding Increases Its Presence

Aleph Holding is the largest digital media partner and recently it has arrived in the MENA region.

This arrival was made through acquiring 86% of Connect Ads in cash and shares’ swap transaction. Since Aleph is a global partner to the world’s biggest digital media players and with entering the MENA region through its new partnership, it is now proving its presence globally as it is reaching new territories.

The company has now reached 90 markets and territories, which is proof that its presence is increasing.



What Aleph Provides

Aleph provides many services and many leading digital platforms like Facebook.

It also provides many accesses to new geographies and under-served markets through its digital media service companies like Httpool, Internet Media Services, Wise.Blue, Social Snack, and AdDynamo.

Connect Ads has more than 14 exclusive global media partners and leading digital names like Twitter, TikTok, Verizon Media, Spotify, Adobe Advertising Cloud, Huawei Ads, Bigo Ads, and many more; this means that Aleph’s acquisition of Connect Ads will extend its services across the MENA region.

In fact, this acquisition is considered to be a milestone for the company since it is on track to generate $1 billion in sales with an expanded footprint reaching over 90 markets supported.

Gastón Taratuta who is the Founder & CEO of Aleph Holding said:

There is huge value in expanding throughout MENA, both to serve our current partners and clients and to expand on existing relationships in other parts of the world. We have been following Connect Ads’ growth and geographical expansion over the last five years and I am excited to welcome them to the Aleph family and we will work together with Connect Ads and A15 to make this a successful partnership

Mohamed El Mehairy, CEO of Connect Ads said

We see this as a giant leap in the right direction for Connect Ads and all our stakeholders including our teams, partners, and clients. Being a part of Aleph, this truly global structure will give us more leverage in managing our business as well as global exposure and potential that goes far beyond MENA and EMEA. The numerous synergies and shared vision make this a very exciting time for us. The enhanced accessibility that this entails will enable us to grow faster and bigger than ever before




Know More About Aleph and Connect Ads

Aleph provides a complete ecosystem service and connects the biggest advertisers in the digital media, it helps them maximize their value of the investment. It also has a global infrastructure that can help transform any market into a new success story.

As for Connect Ads, it has been existing in the field since 2001 and it is one of the biggest multinational companies as it is operating in 15 markets through 9 on-ground offices and currently it is serving more than 600 brands and advertisers.



Both companies together will achieve success and we’re sure that they will bring new ideas and solutions to the market.

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