Al-Maqar adapts to Coronavirus lockdown to create your office at home

The recent events had been putting the whole market on hold, which is putting every business at risk. Ever since the government forced a curfew and advised people to stay home to avoid any possible infection, most of the cafes, restaurants, and malls are shutting down.

Having these places closing will be causing business owners major loss and they might lose their place in the market; but that what differs between business owners who give up and others who know their way around to still benefit from the current situation.

The tricky part here is how a business owner can adapt to the current situation that has been occurring in the market. You have to figure out a way for your business to keep up with the recent events.

Al-Maqar is one of the businesses that is adapting to the situation in a smart way.


Al-Maqar Supporting Social Distancing and Encouraging People to Stay Home

Al-Maqar is a co-working space where you can have meetings, brainstorming sessions, study, work and also be provided with a space for events.

The rapid spreading of Coronavirus and the curfew had caused places to either shut down or limit the working hours. Even though Al-Maqar followed the instructions and limited its working hours, it has been leading campaigns through its Facebook page to help people do their work at home.


Al-Maqar Will Support You at Home

Al-Maqar published a video yesterday for those who struggle with an internet connection and offered their help of providing them with the internet services they have in collaboration with WINFI.

They are also collaborating with a lot of brands like ElAraby, mumm, Jinni, WINFI, Paymob, gadded.com, and Furvive, to provide their customers with all their needed products to be able to work comfortably from home.

Work From Home with the Best Tools

المقر بيساعدك دايما تشتغل من اي مكان..هنوفرلك كل حاجة تحتاجها علشان تشتغل من البيت بسهولة.. حتي الإنترنت كمان هنظبطهولك! https://stayhome.almaqarr.comSTAY HOME, STAY SAFE!

Posted by AlMaqarr Coworking Space on Monday, March 30, 2020


What we are seeing here is that Al-Maqar is adapting to the current situation and trying to make the best out of it. If they can’t have customers visiting their location, then they will maintain their presence in the market by providing them with their needs.


Spreading Awareness

Before releasing the video, Al-Maqar was already spreading awareness of the importance of social distancing and it appeared when they changed their logo to two separate circles.

Separated for a moment.. to always be together.Practice social distancing.

Posted by AlMaqarr Coworking Space on Friday, March 20, 2020


They also collaborated with Estshara for a free online consultation. Estshara is a digital healthcare application that is available 24/7 for online medical consultation. The partnership between Estshara and Al-Maqar offers a 50% discount on the monthly subscription plus the free online consultation.

خدمة استشارة دليلك للحصول على استشارة طبية هاتفية خلال 4 دقائق. إستخدم كود: AlMaqarrIt's not an easy time, a lot of…

Posted by AlMaqarr Coworking Space on Sunday, March 22, 2020


The Coworking space didn’t stop here, they sponsored online meetups and collaborated with Al-Rehla  (الرحلة) for an online webinar with Walid Hassouna, CEO and EFG of Hermes Finance and Ahmed Zahran, CEO and Co-founder of KarmSolar to discuss business’s financial debts during coronavirus.

Debt Financing in the times of COVID-19

Debt Financing in the times of COVID-19, with Ahmed Zahran of KarmSolar, and Walid Hassouna of EFG Hermes

Posted by AlMaqarr Coworking Space on Monday, March 30, 2020


What Al-Maqar is doing is surviving and adapting to the circumstances; in other words, instead of letting your business die, you can think of another way to keep it breathing. You have to keep its presence in the market by spreading awareness or leading campaigns to benefit your customers.


Think of your business as a chameleon, you have to find a way to make it adjust with the surroundings so you won’t watch it die.

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