Abla Fahita: From A TV Presenter To Collaborating With Adidas

In major news revealed a few days ago, Adidas Mena has launched a campaign with a huge surprise for all of us. Adidas is launching a new collection of its iconic shoes Stan Smith but with a different style; we can say that the new style can trigger people’s emotions as they depended on something that we all love and even remind us of our childhood.

The surprise didn’t stop there; The international brand has collaborated with a new figure who is loved by all Egyptian people, the famous and hilarious Abla Fahita.

Without further due, let’s dig more to tell you all about the campaign.


How to Tease Before The Reveal

Both Adidas and Abla Fahita had posted about the campaign on their Instagram.

Abla Fahita had posted a video on Instagram showing her with green hair, the video ended with a phrase saying الأرملة والشعر الأخضر or “The Widow and The Green Hair”; the video also had a hashtag with the same phrase.


Meanwhile, Adidas had posted on its Instagram account about its new Primegreen collection of Stan Smith with new prints. The prints were inspired by Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars.


The Campaign

The reveal was made and we saw Abla Fahita in a new different style.

Few days after the teaser, Abla Fahita posted her photoshoot wearing Stan Smith sneakers from the new collection. The campaign came in light of Adidas raising awareness towards the environment and ending plastic waste.


The brand decided to go for the color green in its new collection, as it wants to promote sustainability. Also, the new collection is revamped with 50% recycled content to promote ending plastic waste.

As we mentioned previously, the collection is inspired by Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars; the prints are inspired by famous characters, such as Kermit the frog, Monster University, Mike Wazowski, and Toy Story’s Rex.

The whole collection consists of two colors, white and green, except for the sneakers that were inspired by the Hulk. The black and green pair has a ‘HULK SMASH’ badge for Bruce Banner’s alter ego.



The Development of Abla Fahita

We have seen the famous puppet go through many stages of development and all we can say that this puppet is very successful.

We have seen Abla Fahita appearing on-screen in 2011 and ever since then, it developed to having her own TV show and even doing interviews in festivals. The famous puppet didn’t stop there, in fact, it has its own Netflix series that aired on the 16th of March 2021 under the name of ‘Drama Queen’.

‘Drama Queen’ was not the only successful project for Fahita in March; in fact, she was featured in VOGUE Arabia magazine. To celebrate the fourth anniversary of VOGUE Arabia and its creative issue, on the 29th of March, the magazine published its first interview with Abla Fahita.



Why Choosing Abla Fahita

Going through what Abla Fahita has been accomplishing lately, makes us notice that Adidas actually made the right decision.

Since Adidas depended in its collection on fictional and cartoon characters from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and so on, it was the right choice for Adidas Mena to choose the most famous puppet in the Mena region.

If you think about it, Fahita is the only character that can represent the collection perfectly due to its theme. This collaboration also came at the right time as it’s going in parallel with the success Fahital has been achieving.


Tell us what you think about the campaign and about choosing Abla Fahita.

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