A Throwback To Pepsi’s Iconic Football Commercials

For many years Pepsi has always been amazing us with very creative football advertisements, in fact, we almost grew up watching Pepsi’s adverts as it presented us with many collaborations with many football legends and other even singers; it also has been collaborating with the Egyptian King Mo Salah the last 4 years and launched brilliant campaigns with him.

Pepsi has actually become one of the brands that always launches football campaigns; as a viewer, you would instantly relate Pepsi to summer and football.

Recently it released a very creative advert as usual and gave us another one-of-a-kind collaboration.


Thirsty For More

A Few days ago, Pepsi released an advert and collaborated with football legends.

On the 13th of October, Pepsi launched a campaign under the name of Thirsty For More and it collaborated with the legendary Messi, Paul Labile Pogba, and Ronaldinho.

The advert shows the legendary skills of the three iconic footballers as they go through a small friendly match with local players.

Play To Inspire

Pepsi released a previous campaign in March 2022 with the same collaboration as the recent one; it collaborated with Messi, Pogba, and Ronaldinho.

The campaign’s name is “Play to Inspire” and it was launched to celebrate the change makers who are driving the future of football.

Here is a throwback to the previous Pepsi football campaigns.


Playing Doesn’t Stop With Pepsi

In 2020, Pepsi launched a brilliant campaign with a brilliant collaboration.

Pepsi launched a campaign under the name “Playing Never Stops With Pepsi in 2020. The brand collaborated with Messi, Mo Salah, Pogba, and Sterling.

Messi And Salah

Pepsi launched a campaign that included a very iconic due in 2019, The Egyptian King and the legendary Messi.

The advert created a huge buzz all over social media when it was released and everyone admired the collaboration and of course, praised both of the players.

Pepsi’s Iconic Collaboration in 2018

In 2018, Pepsi launched a campaign that included a collaboration with Messi, Marcelo, Kroos, Dele Ali, and Giovani. The campaign was called “Paint The World Blue” in reference to Pepsi.

Another Iconic Collaboration By Pepsi In 2010

This is one of the best campaigns by Pepsi in 2010. The brand collaborated with Messi, Kaka, Drogba, Lampard, and Henry.

The brand also collaborated with the famous singer Akon and the advert went extremely viral back in 2010.


Pepsi’s Old But Gold Campaigns

In almost early and mid-2000s, Pepsi released many creative adverts that you probably remember some of them until now. Pepsi back then was extremely popular and had the best collaborations.

Here are some of the old adverts.





Which one of these adverts is your favorite?

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