A Resume Isn’t Enough To Hire: Here’s What To Depend On When You’re Hiring

Hiring someone is a very tricky process that every manager or HR employee needs to be careful while doing. It is definitely not easy to choose someone who will work for you and who you can trust with your business and its reputation.

Back in the day, most companies depended on resumes when they wanted to hire or use them as a trusted source to hire someone; as important as the resume is, it can’t be the only thing to depend on when you’re hiring a candidate.

There are other things to help you choose the right candidate and to guarantee you a good result.


Why You Can’t Depend Only On Resumes

A resume is not the only reason to hire someone.

The resume is not enough, as we have stated before, some people lie on their resume in either their skills section or the experience to get the job they want. Sometimes some companies don’t even need resumes and just send out an application to the candidate to fill out.

Although this doesn’t mean that resumes can be replaced, they’re still necessary but they’re not enough to hire someone.

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What Else Can Help You Hire A Candidate

There are other factors that can help you choose a candidate over another who owns a perfect resume.

When you compare resumes, it might be obvious who you will be hiring but when you evaluate how candidates work, you will find yourself making a different decision. This is why it is always recommended to follow a certain pattern when you want to hire someone.


Candidates who don’t have portfolios might lose their chance of getting hired.

A portfolio is one of the best ways to demonstrate the candidate’s experience; if they said they worked at a certain place, you will get to see the tasks they worked on in this company. A portfolio is the first step to help you decide if you want to interview this candidate or not as it showcases their talent and creativity.


A Task Is A Must

You have to send a task to the candidate to test their skills and talent.

This is the final step that can help you decide whether you will hire this candidate or not. How they work on the task will show you if they have potential and if they have what it takes to be in this position. You will be able to see if this candidate can thrive with the right guidance or not.

So, sending a task is very important.


Evaluation Period Is Very Important

You should pay attention to the evaluation period and to the performance of the new employee.

If you decided to hire a certain candidate, the evaluation period will also help you decide if you want to have them permanently in the company or not. During this evaluation period, you will be able to see their true talent and skills, how they manage the tasks and what they’re adding to the company.

Keep them under your supervision during this period of time to make sure you made the right decision hiring them.


A resume is there to give you an introduction about the candidate and help you decide whether to interview them or not. 

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