8 Tips to Help You Cope With Working at The Office During The Second Wave of COVID 19

We are in the face of a second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic and people started to panic again. With the confirmed cases are increasing daily, it is better to follow the precautionary measures to avoid the same scenario that happened at the beginning of 2020.

Even though the number of cases is increasing, we are not sure if the country will enforce a lockdown again. Also, if companies will apply for the work from the home system again.

So, if you’re an employee and you will be operating from the office during the second wave of the pandemic, here’s what you can do.


 1- Plan Your Next Couple of Months

This is the perfect time to plan what you will be doing if history repeated itself. Everything is possible; you might face a salary deduction again, so start by saving money.

If you were one of those who neglected the precautionary measures, then it’s time to follow them again. Wear the mask and use alcohol to sanitize. Remember, you’re doing this for the sake of your family.
Also, you have to be ready to learn new skills, in case if you wanted to look for another job opportunity with a higher salary.


2- Your Medical Kit Is Your Best Friend

Since we all will go through the same situation again, you have to be extra cautious.

If you will be operating from the office, then always wear a mask and have a spare one as a backup. Always have a bottle of medical alcohol and hand sanitizer.

Using these will help you protect yourself inside your office.


3- Accept The Change

You have to be aware that your company might make changes to be extra cautious so no one can get infected. This means that some companies might obligate their employees to test for COVID-19 to make sure all employees are healthy.
You might see some strict rules about social distancing and you might be transferred to another office according to a new seating plan.

Don’t stress yourself over the strict rules, in the end, this is all for your benefit to keep you healthy and to avoid any possible contagion.


4- Maintain Your Social Distancing

Follow all precautionary measures to avoid getting the virus. This includes maintaining your social distance. Try to keep a distance between you and your colleagues since you will never know who might be carrying the virus.
If your company doesn’t apply a new seating system then you do it yourself.

It is ok to be extra cautious; we all want to keep ourselves safe.


5- Keep Your Office Clean and Organized

Make sure your office is always clean to make it a safe place.

There are many products that help to sanitize to protect from COVID-19, keep some of them in your office. You can ask the person who is responsible for cleaning to use them when they are cleaning your place.

Also, you can sanitize your desk, chair, and whatever you use in your office, even your laptop and phone. You have to make sure that your hand and whatever you are using are clean


6- Learn to Adapt

By now we all accepted the fact that we have to cope with the pandemic’s existence. So, whatever the second wave will impose, you have to adapt to the situation.
Adapting will make you more focused and keep the flow of your work productivity.

When you adapt to the situation, you will automatically put rules for yourself in the office that people must follow. Since now, we are all experts; you will know what exactly to do to avoid any infection.

Also, adapting will help you figure out solutions to any problem you face at work regarding the pandemic.

This will help you stabilize your work, productivity, and performance.


7- Work on Your Mental Health

Working from the office during a second wave could trigger your anxiety. Since the situation might get tougher, it’s ok to feel anxious, you have to be sure of this. What you can do is to reassure yourself and as long as you’re being careful and following the precautionary measures, you will be ok.

Also, you can talk to a therapist to help you control your anxiety to handle the situation properly.


8- Don’t Be Afraid to Ask to Continue Working from Home

If you’re not comfortable and afraid to operate from the office, you can talk to your manager about the possibility of working from home; it is ok to ask. If being there is giving you a hard time and making you anxious, or if your parents are old and have chronic diseases, you can discuss it with your manager since you don’t want to risk your or their health.

If you can get your work done then don’t be afraid to ask to keep working from home.


Remember, you don’t want to do the same mistakes again, so this time you have to be more careful since we are all aware of what could happen. 

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