8 Effective ways to keep your team happy and productive

Having a successful business and a well-organized company depends on many factors, the most important factor is having happy employees. Employees are the core of any business and company, they are the ones who build the company’s reputation and represent it in the market and the business field.

There are many ways to keep your employees happy, we will be listing you some below.


1- Recognize their progress and appreciate it

When employees make huge progress, they want to hear feedback and feel appreciated. One of the things that can help an employee be happy at his job is when their manager notices their hard work. Appreciating it will boost their energy, put them in a better mood, and will make them eager to work even harder.

Always reward your employees; you can try giving them a bonus, a couple of days off for their hard work, or the proper reward that fits the business.


2- Create Activities Unrelated to Work

The work environment can be stressful, no matter how many days pass that have less work, it will always be stressful, therefore it is always recommended to plan activities unrelated to work to reduce this stress.

You can plan an outing for the whole company so you and your employees can communicate and discuss things outside the work environment.


3- Make Your Employees Your Second Family

Always make your employees feel like family, make them feel that their company is like their second home and will support them no matter what. Any progress your company makes, it has to be shared with the employees to make them feel responsible for it, and they have to feel that they are the ones who are driving the business towards success.

Always let them know that they are the reason behind the business’s growth.


4- Mutual Evaluation

It is essential to evaluate your employees; you can set a monthly evaluation to let them know if they made progress or not and what they need to work on to improve themselves.

It is important to let your employees evaluate you too to know how they see you as a manager. Let them share their thoughts to improve your managing skills to be a better manager.


5- Get to Know Your Employees

As it was mentioned previously that you should make them feel like family, to do that, you have to get to know them well. Always talk to them, know their skills, know what they have to give to the company, and discuss their ideas.

You can also provide them with the courses they need; if an employee needs a certain course to improve certain skills that will benefit the business, you can provide them with what they need.


6- Allow a Little Flexibility

Seeing your employees being there on time, doing their best to keep the business flow going, and working hard, you should be giving them flexibility. Ask for what they need to help them work better and be more productive and then allow it.

You can allow them to work outside the office if they want to for a change as it can help them perform better. You have to care about their mental health in the work environment.


7- Stick to the Working Hours

Try not to ask for other tasks after the working hours because this the time where employees tend to begin their social life. If it is urgent, you have to have an agreement with your employees that sometimes there will be an urgent task after the working hours.

Also, when you ask for the task don’t make it sound as if it obligatory, you have to ask your employees if they can do it.


8- Work Matters so Is Their Health and Life

Keeping your employees healthy is a major key, your employees want to feel that you care about their health and life. If you noticed an employee feeling stressed or sick, give them a day off without them having to ask, this will make them more dedicated to work and you will gain their loyalty.

You have to care about their life outside of work and understand their circumstances so you can low the work pressure. As long as your employees are healthy, happy, and comfortable, you have to be sure that they will always perform better.


It is important to keep your employees happy to gain their trust and loyalty so they can stick around and help the business grow bigger.

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