7 Warning Signs This Job Vacancy Is A Scam

Have you ever come across a vacancy or a job offer and had so many questions and doubts? If your answer is yes, then you’re not the only one; it is very common to come across employment scams and many internet users do so to rob people.

Not every job offer can be trusted and as much as you’re looking for a vacancy, you have to be careful because it can be a scam.

Here are some tips on how to spot a scam job vacancy.


1- It’s Not Coming from an Official Representative

Whoever posts a vacancy has to be an official representative of the company.

Sometimes there are random hiring posts on social media that their source is not obvious and sometimes, random people just reach out to offer you a vacancy without having any clear information. These type of posts/offers can be skeptical especially if they don’t even provide any official way to communicate and just says to message them.


2- Asking For Confidential Information

No company nor an employer will ask you for your confidential information.

You might come across someone who asks for your bank’s information or to fill a form with your bank information or any type of confidential information. You have to be aware that no company will ever ask for your confidential information. So, this is definitely a scam vacancy.

Also, you have to be 100% sure that the website you’re visiting is secure so you won’t be hacked.


3- Sending Them Payment

A company will never ask you to send them a payment.

Sometimes someone contacts you for a job vacancy and then asks you to buy a certain software for work or they advise you to enhance your resume by referring you to someone who will charge you for it. No company no matter how big or small it is will ask you to pay for something just to start working for them; this is definitely a scam.


4- Unprofessional Way to Communicate

A company will follow a professional procedure to contact you or to post a vacancy.

Put in mind that no company will contact you on Whatsapp or any of your personal social media platforms. Also, when you receive an email from a company, make sure you read it carefully. If the email has grammar mistakes or seems unprofessional, then it is a scam.


5- Vague Information About The Company

If you can’t find any information about the company then it is obvious what you need to do.

Sometimes you search for a company and can’t find any type of information about it, there’s no website and even their social media platforms are almost empty! Also, when you can’t find a proper job description then you have to be suspicious of the company.


6- They Contacted You

Not all companies contact potential candidates, you will need to do a deep search on it.

It can be strange for a company to contact you to apply for a vacancy especially if you never applied before. Sometimes this can be a scam vacancy. In fact, a while ago, a social media post went extremely viral that says that Amazon is hiring people, and to apply, contact them or visit a certain link.

When this post went viral on social media, the number of people commenting that they received the same message was enormous and people started warning others that this is a scam.



7- The Offer Is Too Good To Be True

Being offered a too good to be true offer should increase your doubts.

Sometimes you get an offer with a high salary and ultimate flexibility, which can raise some doubts. Also, it can be a little suspicious when you receive the job offer right away without going through a process or without a task.

This sign along with the other warning signs can be really strong evidence that this is a scam.


Have you ever been through a situation where you felt that a job vacancy is a scam?

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