7 Tips To Stay Productive During Ramadan Fasting

As we are welcoming the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, we are all having a hard time focusing. Most people during the month struggle with their lack of caffeine, nicotine, and sleep. Sometimes we can’t even be productive during the day.

This is actually one of the biggest problems we face, lack of productivity, especially if your work is stressful during Ramadan. If you’re a marketer, working in social media, or advertising, then you know what Ramadan means at work; it means a lot of tasks and work and pressure while fasting.

This is why today we will be giving you few tips to help you be more productive during fasting and how to live the best version of yourself in Ramadan.


1- Plan Your Day Ahead

With the lack of focus and headache, you will feel, it’s better to plan what you will be doing.

Some people prefer to plan their days and work tasks so they won’t face any surprises at work. Planning will help you stay organized and you will have to focus on work itself, not on how your day will go and what you will be doing.


2- Adjust Your Sleeping Hours

Our sleeping time tends to be messed up during Ramadan.

Most people suffer from lack of sleep during this month, as they tend to sleep right after Fajr prayer (dawn). This is why adjusting your sleeping hours is important. You can try two things, you can eat Suhoor early or you can sleep and wake up to eat Suhoor and then get back to sleep.

You can also take a short nap during the day to help you get enough sleep. You need all your focus at work, so, getting enough sleep will help you.


3- Eat Healthy Food and Avoid Caffeine

There are types of food that can help you stay full and focused while fasting.

Aside from Fava-beans, and eggs, it was recommended to add avocados in your Suhoor. Avocados are high in fiber; it is known that fibers are indigestible so they can keep you full for a longer time and your energy will be released slowly.

Most people eat yogurt after Suhoor, this time try eating Greek Yogurt. Greek Yogurt has double the amount of protein as regular yogurt. This amount of protein will make you feel full the next morning. This type of yogurt is also low in carbohydrates and can help you with thirst.

As for caffeine, we know how hard this sounds, but you’ll notice the difference.

caffeine will make you stay alert if you drank it after Iftar, which will affect your sleeping time; you will find yourself having trouble sleeping and will end up sleeping late. It also increases urination, therefore, it will drain your body out of its fluids and you will find yourself thirsty the next morning.


4- Take A Break

In Ramadan, you can use your break to regain focus and freshen up.

If you feel sleepy or can’t focus, try taking a break. You can use your break and go for a walk; the fresh air will make you less sleepy and you will get back fresh and ready to keep working. You can also use your break and do nothing just to calm yourself down, especially if you suffer from a headache due to the lack of caffeine.


5- Stay Hydrated

There are many ways that can keep you hydrated during fasting.

it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and avoid eating spicy food; also, don’t add too much salt into your food as it increases the body’s need for water. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in water and fiber, you can eat tomatoes, cucumbers, or watermelon. One of the things you can’t forget is drinking fresh juices.

Dates for Iftar are important, aside from energizing you and help your body’s blood glucose, it actually has high potassium, which helps the body keep its fluid levels in check and prevent dehydration. Also, when you eat dates regularly, it will give you energy during the fasting hours.

Also, stay away from the heat! Avoid sitting in hot places, as they will make you sweat and lose fluids. This will make you feel thirsty during fasting. Always keep yourself cool and choose cool places to work at. If you’re working from your office or home, then make sure your AC is on or pick a place where it allows fresh air to come in.


6- Control Your Cravings

Some people tend to feel that they want to eat everything before fasting the next day.

This is definitely wrong; don’t push your stomach beyond its limits. This will lead to digesting problems and you might even feel sick, which will affect your work performance the next morning. Instead, eat healthy food, eat slowly, and give your stomach the time to process that there’s food in it.


7- Work Out

Working out will help you stay energized

Working out or doing exercise will boost your energy as it releases endorphins in the body and lifts the mood. It will help you stay fresh and focused, which will make you feel motivated, and therefore you will be productive.

Put in Mind that working out is better when it’s after Iftar and also, avoid heavy exercises.

So, what are your hacks to stay focused and productive in Ramadan?

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