7 Tips That Will Make You Never Run Out of Ideas

If you’re working in a field requiring creativity, like graphic design or creating content, you must know the struggle of not finding ideas. Most people who have to be creative in their work go through these situations where you suddenly find yourself can’t think of any topic to work on.

Having an empty mind while working is almost similar to paralysis, you can’t think of any topic to build a piece of content on.

So, if you’ve ever felt that your mind is as empty as a blank page, we got some steps that you can follow to never run out of ideas.


1- Always Stay Alerted

Stay aware of what’s happening around you and take notes.

There are new trends and events that happen every day; these can be your source of inspiration. Whatever happens around you can drive different ideas into your mind. Always follow what people talk about, from random trending topics to common problems that people face at work.

Turn your surroundings into ideas.



2- “See First”

We all follow Facebook pages that are related to our work, make them the first thing that appears on your timeline.

We all have certain resources that we get our inspiration from; you have to constantly check them. Facebook is the place for these inspiration resources, so when you choose “See First”, anything these pages post, will appear first.

This is how you always keep your mind open to new topics.



3- Feed Your Mind

Your mind needs to feed on new information and topics so it can produce ideas, so feed it.

Read articles and watch videos that are related to your work. Every video or topic you read about is like food to your mind; it consumes all of this data and then gives you ideas. You have to always give your mind some inputs so it can work and generates ideas.



4- Write Down Every thought

Ideas can hit at any time and at any place, write them down immediately.

You will never know when your mind is gonna come up with an idea, this is why when you think of something write it down. When you write down all your ideas, you’ll find yourself having tons of them. Don’t ignore or postpone, you will forget. Write every thought even if it doesn’t make any sense, you’ll get something out of it in the end.


5- Change Your Environment

This is the basic rule when you want to reactivate your creativity.

Your mind needs refreshment all the time. Sometimes going out for a walk or even sit on the balcony can drive your mind to come up with ideas. Taking a little pause is like restarting your mind, it will work better after.


6- Empty Your Mind

Coming up with ideas requires you to be calm and relaxed, so empty your mind of every thought.

When you want to write something but don’t know what, you scribble. But to do so, you need a blank page. This what your mind needs! You need to empty your mind so it starts thinking without any interruptions. You need to relax and let go of any other thoughts in your head and focus on coming up with ideas.



7- Inspire Yourself from Your Previous Work

You can get new ideas from your own work, so take a look on your what you worked on.

Sometimes old work can drive more ideas into your mind. When you expose yourself to topics you already discussed, they can give you more ideas. For example, if you discussed a topic about social media before, you will find out that there are more angles to discuss. So, an old topic can drive new ones into your mind.


Tell us what are the things you do to keep ideas floating in your head.

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