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7 Thoughts To Change Your Career And Find Your Passion

Have you ever wondered where your passion lies? And most importantly, what is your passion? You don’t necessarily have to be starting your career to try to find what you’re passionate about. Sometimes you can be working for many years yet you’re not following your passion.

Many people don’t know what they’re passionate about, all they know is that their job is not fulfilling their satisfaction. While it can be easy for some people to find out what their passion is, it is sometimes hard for others.

So, if you don’t know how to find your passion, stick with us as we will tell you some steps to help you know what you’re passionate about.


Ask Your Self: Are You Enjoying What You’re Doing?

Start the process by asking yourself few questions such as, “Are you enjoying what you’re doing?” “What would you rather be doing now?”

The answers to these questions might be the first step to lead you towards realizing what you truly love. Many people change their careers because they found out that they’re passionate about something else. As it might sound like a risky decision, it is the start of something successful.


Brainstorm The Things You Love

One of the things you can do is sit and brainstorm whatever is on your mind.

Your scattered thoughts can lead you to the thing you love the most. Go through your daily routine and activities, look for the things you do that you enjoy the most. Think of everything and come up with ideas, and remember, there are no bad ideas. In fact, your ideas might lead you to one complete idea of your passion.

For example, you could find out that the thing you do the most is writing, so this can be your first clue.


Write Them Down and See What Is In Common

After brainstorming your ideas, write down everything you came up with.

Get a piece of paper and start writing down whatever you have in mind; write down your thoughts, talents, and all the ideas you came up with to benefit from these talents. You will find yourself writing down many things that bring you joy and that you’re really good at; you can find your passion among them.


Think Inside The Box: Narrow It Down

You can be passionate about a lot of things, but which one are you passionate about the most?

Start narrowing down everything you wrote from least enjoyable to the most. This might end with one thing your passionate about or maybe a couple, and it’s ok if it’s more than one as long as you love doing them.

But you will always prefer something over the other, even by 1%.


Enjoy The Stages of Spiritual Self-Realization

All of these steps will lead you to realize who you really are and what you really love.

This is a journey of maturity; no one can easily know what they truly love and what they want to do in their life. When you reach that point of self-realization, you will find out what you love and what you can achieve from this passion.


Seek People Who Followed Their Passion

You’re not the only one who’s looking for your passion, many people did that before you do and achieved their purpose.

Seek help and ask people what they did to follow this passion. You can also ask them for ideas and more steps that you can follow to know your passion.


Think Twice: Your Job Doesn’t Have To Represent Your Passion

Remember that your passion could lie somewhere not related to your job and it’s ok.

If you can turn your passion into a career or if you can shift your career then go ahead, but keep in mind that it will take time, so you have to be patient. Also, don’t take the step unless you’re financially secured.

But if you can’t turn your passion into a career, then keep your job and follow your passion. This will make you feel good about yourself.


Remember, passion can be followed at any age; just make sure you find it.

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