7 Inspiring female characters in movies every communication professional should watch

When you are a women and you pursue your dreams, achieve them and strive for greatness. Then today is your day. We hold our heads high and stand tall.

Overcoming peer pressure, breaking society’s taboos and powering through. Achieving what we set our minds on. Shuttering unfairness, judgments and dominating male-oriented jobs simply because we are determined and have a dream bigger than life.

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So we brought to you the top female kick-ass characters with our own twist;

1- Erin Brockovich:

Based on a true story, Erin Brockovich -Who is played by Julia Roberts- is an epitome of woman’s stereotyping, the hardworking single mother did not only “convince” the lawyer who lost her law suit to hire her but her passion and drive turned the simple people of Hinkley to trust her.

She is a fast-learner, strong and passionate. Reminds you of anyone? She is in everyone of us.

Her own personal brand outshone throughout the movie, she conveyed her humane side when connecting with Hinkley residents after they were wary.

She encouraged and supported them to stand up and fight for what they and she believed in. And she didn’t budge an inch when coming face to face with the big-shots of Pacific Gas & Electric.

She showcased that your personal values will guide you through the storm, she was a legal assistant with no legal background, just strong drive to support her own family. But with her brains, strong will and utter confidence in her values, she brought a small town to its feet and a huge corporation to its knees.

She refused to change how she dress or how spontaneous and erratic she talk and act, and those same things are the reasons she succeeded in making the Pacific Gas & Electric company to pay out the largest toxic tort injury settlement in US history: $333 million in damages to more than 600 Hinkley residents.

2- Our brand is Crisis:

Jane and Pat Candy played by Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton showcase many valuable lessons that every advertiser, brand manager can benefit from.

Jane Bodine, is hired by a political consultancy to help their client, Senator Castillo, win the Bolivian presidency election.

“Don’t change the man to fit the narrative, change the narrative to fit the man.” showcasing customer’s insight invaluable steering of your advertisement campaign. The moment you change your brand’s values just to appeal to your audience, this is the second you lose them. Provide to your audience what they didn’t know they wanted.

“Man’s strengths flows from the same well as his weaknesses.” It is better to turn the weaknesses into strengths, coupled with your customer’s insights you can hammer on what they believe is strengths.

“If you fight with monsters for too long, you become a monster.” it is a true statement as any, and the best route is to always keep your brand’s integrity, focus on your business goals and worry less about your competition.

3- The Devil Wears Prada:

We can’t mention strong aspiring women without bringing famous Miranda Priestly, played by “Meryl Streep”.

The story of Andrea Sachs who is played by “Anne Hathaway”, her journey of career success and self-exploration is something of a beauty. But that is not all.

Marketers and entrepreneurs can take a leaf out of Andrea’s books and learn a thing or two from Miranda. The aspiring journalist Andrea is thrown at the she-wolf’s den and she has to find her own way.

We see Andrea bending over backwards to meet her new boss’ unrealistic expectations, morphing gradually and automatically to the one person who she both admired and despised. She lost herself in proving her capabilities to her boss.

Brands don’t need to work this hard to prove their worth, because it shows, consumer realise when a brand is trying too hard. As long as you have a valuable, needed product or service, present it in a captivating way without morphing into something you are not just to please your audience.

Find what fits your brand’s voice through trial and error. Don’t settle if the strategy or tactics doesn’t meet your business objective, keep adapting and tweaking until you find what works best for your brand.

“Please, bore someone else with your questions.” The famous Miranda quote teaches entrepreneurs they should be leaders first, it is a curvy road with many obstacles and your team will depend on you to keep your cool and lead them to safety. You and your team have the power to steer your entrepreneurial ship to great success, so you need to lead rather than manage.

4- Joy

Sometimes passion is not enough and life isn’t fair. “Jennifer Lawrence” who portrayed Joy Mangano the Miracle Mop dynasty. The movie is half-fiction inspired by Joy Mangano’s story of how she invented the Miracle Mop and made a fortune selling them.

This movie should have been called “Series of unfortunate events.” seriously, the movie plot keeps getting darker and more complicated. But it teaches us invaluable lesson of perseverance and developing our own personal skill-set. As long as you have the drive in you, igniting passion you are only bound to success.

Necessity is the mother of invention and ask Joy.

Best things about entrepreneurs are that they are agile, quick learners and adaptable. They are problem solvers by nature. So, even when Joy knew deep in her heart that she was an inventor, she kept struggling to bring her inventions out into the light, in more ways than what was possible.

With every dead-end she adapted, changed directions and found another way, she practiced and went out of her comfort zone to advertise her Miracle Mop on T.V.

We see her transforming, finding her backbone, lifting her head high and standing up for her great invention after years of pleasing everyone to not rock the boat.

Inspiring story of a great strong woman finding her own through her business’ journey.

5- Silence of the Lambs:

This is quite unconventional but hear us out; Clarice Starling the FBI trainee is thriving to finish her training to work in the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. But she gets her wish way too soon and she gets in too deep.

Clarice Starling is portrayed by “Jodie Foster”, she’s pulled from her training to question the notorious Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant forensic psychiatrist and incarcerated cannibalistic serial murderer. Showcasing brutal dedication, fearless characteristic backed up by deep passion.

A great lesson for marketers and entrepreneurs to get out of their comfort zones and seize every opportunity coming their way by both hands. Don’t wait for the right time or the right way. Because there is no right or wrong.

Marketers needs to acknowledge their brands’ strengths and use them every way they can. Face fear in the eyes and dare it to come forth! Welcome the unknown, as with great risks comes great rewards.

6- The Intern:

The intern is an outstanding wake-up call. With many young entrepreneurs nowadays and the gap between generations is expanding. it is a nice reminder than learning is a never-ending process. You are never too old to learn and the younger generation has to learn that asking for help will not minimize their efforts or diminish their authority.

Jules Ostin the founder of customer-centric online fashion retailer is portrayed by “Anne Hathaway”. Jules is a driven, motivated and dynamic workaholic, she’s an overachiever.

Her company hires a retired 70-year old widower Ben Whittaker portrayed by “Robert De Niro”. He is assigned as her intern.

Jules is an idol leader and a driven, hard-working woman who we can all relate to. And Ben is still as persistent as any 20-year old but wise as only a 70-year old can be.

The reluctant yet easy friendship that built between them is so beautifully expressive. The shared experiences and diversity are unique traits when combined, the only outcome is great success. As showcased in the movie.

7- Miss Potter:

We are in the 21st century and we as women, still uniting against peer pressure, societies’ taboos just as the artist and author Beatrix Potter did in 1902, in London.

Based on a true story of the famous children books’ author of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, by Helen Beatrix Potter.

Beatrix Potter had turned prospect husbands down till she was 20-year old. She had always been drawing animals and making out stories. She defied her parents and worked on her passion even though they never recognized her as an artist.

She kept drawing illustrations and making up stories till one day, Miss Potter offers her stories to a print house, and a rookie publisher, Norman Warne who was delighted with her tales, publishes her first children’s book.

It was a best seller which lead to publishing two more books.

The story of a dream coming true with no support of family or friends and strong defiance towards the norm of the society. Miss Potter is as inspiring as it is mystical.

There are other great female characters out there, tell us your favorite role you would channel in a time of need?

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