7 Bad Habits to Lose in 2021 And What To Replace Them With For A New Successful Year

With the beginning of every year, we always feel that it’s a new opportunity to accomplish whatever we couldn’t the year before. It is also a chance to change and to drop the bad habits to start fresh. 2020 was a tough year that made us all change; we might have adopted new good habits, but some of us didn’t give up the bad ones.

Sometimes we are not aware that our habits are bad and sometimes they can even be toxic. So, we will take this opportunity and let you know about the bad habits that you need to lose this year.


1- Don’t Overload Yourself With Work

You always carry a huge responsibility towards your job, and it’s what makes you good at it.

You always feel the urge to do your job perfectly and to always do your best, and it’s a normal feeling because you’re following your passion. The bad habit lies in how you always overload yourself with work.

So, the first bad habit to lose in 2021, is letting your job consume your whole life. You deserve some time for yourself to enjoy other activities. You can spend it with your family, friends or with yourself, but you deserve some alone time.
Don’t overschedule your day with meetings and appointments; if it can wait till the next day, then postpone.

Remember, you deserve some “me time”.


2- Let Go of Your Unhealthy Lifestyle

Leading an unhealthy lifestyle can cause major problems, regarding your health and your job.

This year is a chance to adjust your sleeping hours and your eating habits. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and you will notice a huge positive change; you will find yourself more focused, productive, and even in a good mood.


3- Stop Looking at Your Phone

This is a world-wide bad habit! We all literally check our phones every minute of the day and it’s the first thing we do when we wake up!

If you’re doing that, then it’s time to stop! Don’t let your day revolve around your phone and your social media accounts or even emails; allow some room for your social life.
Try to challenge yourself and take a break and you will see some positive results.


4- Staying In or Out of Your Comfort Zone All The time

Comfort zone is the word that describes whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some people spend too much time in their comfort zone while others always push themselves to always stay out of it.

Staying out of your comfort zone too much will cause you stress and staying in too much will make you miss out on opportunities. It is recommended to balance between in and out. So, balance the time that you spend regarding your comfort zone, you will feel more settled.


5- Clinging to The Past

Holding on to the past will bring you nothing but failure!

Most people suffered from major losses last year, but it’s time to move on. If you are one of those who were negatively affected by last year’s events, don’t spend your time thinking about what happened, start thinking about what you can do this year.

This is not just regarding your business; it’s also regarding your personal life. This year is an opportunity to compensates for the losses. So, instead of clinging to the past, think about the future.


6- Dreaming and Setting Goals Are Never Enough

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dream, you should but you also should achieve this dream.

Don’t just dream and set goals without acting upon them. What’s the point of your dream without achieving it? Take this year as a chance to make your dreams come true and be productive. You’re aware of the current situation so when you start setting goals, you’ll know what to do to achieve them.


7- “I’ll Do It Tomorrow”

Ask yourself this question, are you procrastinating or you don’t have time?

If you don’t have time then it’s always a good idea to do it tomorrow, but if you have time then you better work. If you followed this rule, you will find yourself achieving most of your goals and you will make this year productive.
So, instead of postponing because you’re lazy, get up and start working.


This is a brand new opportunity to become better, so start now.

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