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6 Things Happen When You Take A Break from Social Media

We can’t deny that almost each and every one of us is addicted to social media. We all go through moments where we need to take a break from our phones but for some reason, we can’t. Most people can’t resist checking their social media accounts especially if the feeds bring something new every minute.

Do you remember how many times your friends told you to stop using your phone while you’re together?
This is how much we are glued to our phones and social media.

The question here is, have you ever wondered what happens when you take a break from social media? If you want to know, then keep reading as some of these are based on real experience.


1- Reducing Anxiety and Depression

Taking a break from social media is a huge factor in reducing anxiety and depression.

You’re exposed on daily basis to the tragic news, especially in the last year; this is a major factor in developing anxiety disorder and depression. And these are only from the news, some other people are exposed to cyberbullying, and others are exposed to many things that could trigger their traumas. Social media can be an external factor that causes stress, and being constantly stressed will lead to depression and anxiety.

Therefore, taking a break will save you from being exposed to anything that could trigger your insecurities or bad experiences.


2- Focusing More on Your Hobbies

Stepping back from social media will give you plenty of time to do other stuff.

You can start focusing more on your hobbies and the things you love doing. In fact, some people were actually able to focus on their writing; some started writing a book, while a friend that I personally know was able to read 7 books in just 3 weeks and start their own blog! Other people can spend the free time watching movies or TV series.

Well, how about that? It actually can give you the time to know yourself more and figure out more hobbies you didn’t know you had.


3- Better Communication

We use our phones even when we’re surrounded by friends or family.

This can cause a lack of communication since most people gather and end up checking their phones every minute; and let’s admit, social media made us stop calling each other and text instead. So, when you stop using social media for some time, you will find yourself able to communicate better with people. You will have topics to discuss, and instead of texting, you can call someone.


4- More Self-focus

This is the time you will realize what you have been missing about your family and even about yourself.

Some people tend to go to social media to escape their problems. When you take a break, you will start noticing the problems you have. Also, you won’t be able to notice that you suffer from anxiety due to your activity on social media. But when you give it up, you will realize and you will start working to get better.

You can also start developing your skills and take online courses to improve yourself. This also can help you with your career.

Also, some people take this time to adopt a healthier lifestyle; they provide themselves with all their health needs in this time off.


5- Better Performance at Work

Social media means distractions, which means less productivity.

Have you ever noticed how many times you checked your accounts while working? Probably countless times!

Some people are able to avoid social media when working while others can’t. Therefore, when you deactivate your accounts, you won’t have any distractions that will make you stall. In fact, you will be more productive and you will be more focused on your work to finish on time.


6- Adopt Different Activities

What is the thing that you’ve always wanted to do? It’s time to do it

Since you will have plenty of free time on your hand, you will find yourself trying new things. Some people can take the time and learn to play an instrument, while others hit the gym. You might find yourself starting to work out and even go out more.

Your mind will become clear so you will remember the things you wanted to do a long time ago and you will start doing them.


In the end, we’re not telling you to cut yourself off completely; you can take a break for a couple of days or you can still communicate and text but without checking your social media accounts. It will definitely help you on many levels and you will notice it.

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