6 Key-Principles to Learn From Thriving Marketer Hussein M. Dajani

Inspirational and driven, Hussein M. Dajani is a thriving example of a successful marketer in the MENA region. Hussein is a beaming professional which intrigued us immensely so we have taken a stroll in his professional journey, which kept us motivated and inspired. We came up with 6 key-principles that we all can gain insights from.

Hussein M. Dajani just reserved his seat among the 50 Most Influential Digital Marketing Leaders, he is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Hug Digital. Hussein M. Dajani held many important positions in the best international marketing agencies.

1- Break Away from the Comfort Zone:

Hussein M. Dajani started his marketing career as a Senior Account executive at J. Walter Thompson Saudi Arabia, then climbed up the professional ladder steadily and expeditiously. He pursued his passion with an insatiable hunger. He moved from J. Walter Thompson to be a Brand communication manager in Leo Burnett UAE then JWT Saudi Arabia, TBWA\Raad, Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa and after that he became Area Digital Manager at Red Bull Middle East and Africa and now he is the COO at Hug Digital.

This exceptional professional journey teaches us, that whenever we stop learning or better opportunity knocks our doors, we should break away from our comfort zone, and move forward to a new challenge and embrace the journey. There is no room to grow, standing still in what we know and already got used to.

Break free and expand your knowledge and experience.

2- Innovate to Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Staying ahead in this competitive driven industry, we have got to be flexible, keep an open mind to be able to innovate.

Brands have to be ahead of their innovation game, because survival is not for the fittest anymore, it is for the ones ready to not only step outside of the box, but to be bold enough in execute their ideas.

[su_quote cite=”Hussein M. Dajani”]Social media is here to stay, and will continue to evolve with us as users.[/su_quote]

To take the risk and generate world-class content and ideas, because we are not only completing against the same industry in our country. We are competing against every marketer worth his salt.

Native Advertising Panel with Hussein M. Dajani and guest panelist at Arab Net ME
Native Advertising Panel with Hussein M. Dajani and guest panelist at Arab Net ME

The competition of innovation is fierce in the main platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) themselves, they are doing their utmost best to gain audiences’ insight of what attracts them and innovate their features to marketers to help in delivering the most targeted content in all its forms depending on that insight.

As we saw, first it was copy, then image and now it evolved into videos. It is innovating as we evolve.

3- Importance of Gaining Audience Insights:

It is an ongoing challenge for marketers to keep up with their audiences’ always-changing preferences and wants.
Since it all starts and ends with the user. It is of the most significance for brands to listen to what their audience has to say. As it is one of Hussein’s main principles is listening to your audience and giving them the appreciation and acknowledgment they deserve.

For many reasons, like gaining their loyalty because at this time we live in, your audience know more about your brand than even you as a marketer know, as well as, they have options! It is of your benefit to know what they want and present it to them in a buzz-worthy package.

Along with, Hussein M. Dajani believes wholeheartedly that the audience has the power and the voice, and they are not afraid to use it, so they will bash your brand if they are not satisfied, and will give your brand a shout-out if they like it. So listen and listen well.

Hussein M. Dajani: I spend two hours per week with my niece and nephew to learn new things.

Furthermore, since roughly more than 28% of the MENA region’s population are Millennials and in some countries 60% of the population are Millennials, marketers have a lot of work to do, to know what their audience want and what they are attracted to. And keep up with the new trends.

[su_quote cite=”Hussein M. Dajani”]“ I spend two hours per week with my niece and nephew – 14 and 13 years respectively – to learn new things from them. Every week, I get home and I feel… OLD and outdated! It’s scary”[/su_quote]

It is scary, what those young consumers already know and adapted in their every day lives. Millenials are more adaptable and willing to try new technologies than any other age-range.

They are always online. They trust their peers more than anything. Marketers should communicate with them more, know what they want, and the best way of delivering it.

4- Simplicity Always Wins:

Marketers should keep it simple. As we are living in a very busy time, we are always on the go and skimming through many social media platforms. Brands should keep it simple and creative, that always hook the consumer right in.

The attention span of your audience is decreasing everyday, so realise how time-conscience your audience is and work accordingly. Deliver the message in the simplest form without losing your edge, by innovation and creativity.

Simplicity, illustrates your brand’s identity and shows your audience that you know them and know their needs and can inspire and engage with them in the simplest form. Unlike complexity, don’t confuse and distract your audience because you are confused about your message and who you are.

Simplicity Always Wins

At the end of the day, you want your audience to spend their most precious time and attention on you, so create what will enthrall and inspire them.

Hussein M. Dajani most praised and acknowledged campaigns are the simplest as a marketer and a user, those are the ones most attractive to him. He sees it as a success when a brand can generate an engaging and inspiring campaign in the simplest form possible.

5- Find Opportunities in Any Situation:

In social media the notion of failure doesn’t exist. You can turn any situation into an opportunity if you took the correct measures in dealing with it. The internet is an unforgetting and unforgiving place, however as a brand, you have the power to turn it around. Not only, damage control, but turning it to your favor.

Go the extra mile for your audience and you will turn it around, show them that you care about their satisfaction and you will find the same customer who was bashing you a second before is now complimenting you and saying a positive thing, which will spread like wildfire. If you neglected them or simply ignored a dissatisfied costumer, rest assured that your competitors will jump right in to the rescue.

Marketers should reap the advantages of the real-time conversation of social media.

6- Passion, Curiosity and Patience;

Those are the three most important traits for succeeding in this industry. Social media is fast-paced with a lot of learning to do along the way.

You have got to have passion to keep up with the field that never sleeps, and curious about learning the new trends and technicalities in every aspect of it, as it is always evolving, and most importantly patience, because it is never-ending, you have got to research a lot and ask many questions to gain the insights needed to succeed.

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