5 Weird Times Your Mind Tends To Be Creative At

We all have been through situations where our creativity isn’t activated. You would be working on a task and need ideas but your mind is blank. That’s ok because everyone goes through this and usually overcomes it by coming up with creative ideas. The question here is, when did those ideas pop up?

Every time you face a similar situation where you need your creativity and it fails you, later on, you find it driving many ideas into your mind at the weirdest times.

So, in this article, we will tell you some of the weirdest times your creativity decided to activate itself and give you ideas.


1- Before You Sleep

Whether it’s an idea or a solution to a problem, it appears right before you close your eyes!

This is probably a really common thing, and sometimes it can be annoying; just when you’re about to finally get some sleep, your brain starts to work. Sometimes it even can wake you up; some people actually wake up from their sleep because they suddenly thought of an idea or a solution.

What you need to do in this situation is not to ignore it; some people actually tend to get out of bed to start working on their idea while others just write it down, pick what suits you.


2- Out With Friends

Ideas sometimes hit when you try to enjoy your social life.

You could be out with friends after work and get ideas at this time. Even though it’s a crowded place and you’re already busy with something else, your mind suddenly gets creative and you start having ideas regarding your task.



3- Thinking About Another Task

Sometimes the best thing to do in this situation is starting another task but that’s when ideas start to pop up.

When facing this situation you need your mind to take a break from this certain task and start working on another. That moment you start working, your mind starts giving you ideas regarding the other task you just left.

So you end up getting back to the original task and start working again.


4- Whenever You Decide to Relax

Your mind actually works best whenever you try to relax.

Relaxing actually helps the mind restart and reactivate itself. This is why every time you try to relax you find yourself calmly thinking about work and actually getting ideas. Relaxing is actually one of the best ways to reactivate your creativity.

So, you can be sitting in a café, enjoying the beautiful weather, or even listening to songs, and ideas suddenly flow.


5- Taking A Break from The Task

That moment you decide to take a break from this task, your creativity starts to work.

One of the steps that can help you refresh your mind is actually taking a break. So, without planning, when you feel tired from thinking and decide to take a break, you’ll find yourself coming up with ideas out of nowhere.

Sometimes all your mind needs in these situations is a 5 minutes break. So, when you actually want to stop thinking about your task, you’ll get ideas.



6- On Your Days Off

If you think you won’t be thinking about work on your weekend, think again! Ideas will pop up on those days.

We all wait for the weekend to leave our work behind, but if you have been struggling with your creativity, then big chance, you’ll be creative on the weekends. This the perfect time for your mind, you’re doing nothing for two days, so you will find yourself coming up with many ideas.



Why These Times?

Sometimes the mind and creativity choose to work when you’re not stressed; this is why most of the times you’re not working at, you find yourself creative.

As we mentioned, your mind sometimes needs a break from all of this work; if you noticed the mutual thing between all of these situations is not having your mind thinking about work. Most of the time, you’re about to do something else other than work, so your mind starts to operate again.

Also, in the back of your mind and subconsciously you know you have unfinished business, so your mind takes any chance to operate and come up with ideas.


In the end, we want to hear from you if you have been through similar situations and the weirdest times you suddenly came up with ideas.

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