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5 Websites That Will Help You Build The Perfect Resume To Get Your Next Job

Applying for a job is an anxious process because you want to be recognized and asked for an interview. One of the important factors that can get you an interview is how you build your resume; experience is definitely the most important factor but your resume also has to look neat and professional.

Creating a professional resume requires a lot of effort, and you can get lost trying to find the perfect resume builder, which can be found. There are many websites that can help you with your resume, some of them are for free and others require a certain amount of money.

We will list you below some websites that can help you with some guidelines.


1- CV Maker

This website offers both free and premium resumes and after entering your information and work experience, you can download it as a PDF file. It is easy to use and not difficult to understand.

This resume builder has few cons though, you have to fill your information manually and the free templates are very limited and not as good as the paid ones.

2- Kickresume

You can log in on Kickresume using your LinkedIn profile and at the beginning, you have to answer 5 questions to help start creating your resume.

The website offers you free templates and “Pro” ones, which will cost you money, so be careful with what you are choosing.

The only issue is that you have limited options when it comes to the free templates.

3- is a free resume builder; you don’t even have to create an account unless you want to. All you have to do is insert your name, your job title, and then choose your template.


After choosing your template start following the rest of the instructions to complete your resume.


4- Canva

Canva is really one of the best resume builders; you can create your own resume and choose any desired template because they are all free. Also, you have the privilege of designing your own resume, you can choose the text type, the font, the color, and even the background of your resume as you have plenty of options.


The only problem is that you have to fill it all by your own hands, other than that you are totally free to customize your resume the way you like, just create an account and start building your CV.

5- Novoresume

Novoresume is one of the most famous websites as it is easy to use; it’s not completely free, you have to pick the free templates without adding any premium features because it will cost you some money. First, you have to create an account and then pick your favorite template and start entering your information manually.

The website also offers to create a cover letter and you can use the premium features for one month by paying 16$.

Don’t forget that your resume needs to be professional and some websites offer you templates according to your job title and career field. Share with us if you are using other websites to help others building their resume.

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