5 Tech Trends That Emerged From Coronavirus Crisis Stronger Than Ever

Over the past months, we have been witnessing the emergence of many services due to what the Coronavirus pandemic had caused.

Coronavirus forces digital transformation in business world:

The quarantine and lockdown had forced people to stay home to avoid any interaction so they won’t be infected, which directed people towards digital services to carry out their life chores and to entertain themselves.

In the meantime, we have noticed that there are many services that have been benefiting from the current circumstances; every digital service has been gaining wide popularity and taking advantage of the lockdown to support people’s needs.


1- E-Commerce Websites

The E-commerce websites became essential these days; it is noticeable that their customers have been increasing non-stop ever since COVID-19 started to spread. Websites like Souq and Jumia have been trying to provide people with everything they need so they won’t be obligated to go out.

You can purchase anything through these websites and they have been attracting people by offers and discounts to gain more customers.

Also, The service that is getting more popular is Online Ordering and especially shopping. Many places are now offering online ordering and many people started depending on online shopping, especially to order clothes since people are worried to go to stores these days.

The things you can’t find on E-commerce websites can be found on other pages and you can easily order them


2- Online Video Streaming

One of the things that people have been doing to entertain themselves to get rid of the quarantine boredom is watching movies on online streaming services.

This particular service is already popular since people don’t tend to watch TV anymore but since lockdown and there are no movie theaters open, people started using online streaming more than ever, and streaming websites started to put more movies for people to watch.


3- Telecom & Virtual Communication

Aside from being on the phone for more than any time before to contact our families or take calls for our work. Telecom companies have been launching many services to facilitate the daily chores, to help people during quarantine, and avoid any face-to-face interaction.

Telecom companies have been providing people with services to pay their bills, starting from gas and electricity to the phone bill, recharge their balance, and transfer money.

These services have been also gaining huge popularity since the customer can use them while being home through one click.


4- Online Delivery Apps

This one is so important, people tend to order food through applications or through the restaurant’s delivery service but since people can’t go to restaurants anymore and trying to avoid markets, we have been noticing that many places are offering a delivery service, which is being used on daily basis by almost all people.

The delivery service is not only applicable to food; some applications were created especially for delivery services, you can deliver anything to your friend using these applications, it’s getting really famous due to the current circumstances and since people can hardly go to places.


5- Online Medical Consulting

Since the Coronavirus has been causing panic to anyone who suffers from similar symptoms and some people who have health problems are actually afraid to visit any clinic at this moment, some medical websites created online medical consulting service so you can call a doctor to ask about anything without the need to go to the clinic.

This is one of the most important services since it can easily help someone or put them at ease from their anxiety about the situation.


This is the best time to actually move your business online so you can benefit from this period.

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