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5 apps that everyone in the creative field needs

Mobile applications have long become a part of our lives, a part of our daily routine. Which is why it’s…

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Mobile applications have long become a part of our lives, a part of our daily routine. Which is why it’s important to keep updated about the best ones to help us get through our day, especially in creative fields such as marketing and design.

Whether you need a little help with keeping track of tasks, organizing your crazy ideas, or need your lightbulb to turn on with good ideas, these apps have you covered.


Productivity: Google Keep (Free)

Getting into it, we’re not sponsored by Google but we would love to sponsor their amazing application. An integrated cross platform app, Keep “keeps” everything up front with a bulletin board/post it user ad free interface.

It allows users to create post it-like notes, which can be moved around, and even colored according to your preferences. Users can create notes, lists, voice notes, sketches/handwritten notes and image reminders.


The app also comes with shared features, users can include collaborators in specific notes as well as create reminders for specific tasks. Labeling allows for easier organization as well.

The application goes on both IOS and Android phones, as well as working on Desktop. It links your devices to your Gmail account, making seamless switches to different devices a breeze.


Organization: Mindly (Freemium)

Mindly is a great application for those that love mindmaps, roadmaps, organizing thoughts and brainstorming.

This simple to use application allows users to work with circular orbiting objects which can be titled and written in. Starting with the sun (your main objective/idea/goal/etc), users can create orbiting planets and moons to spread out.


It gives the ability to zoom out to see the whole picture; seeing how your basic concept or thought grew is a great feeling for many, or an intimidating one.

It is a simple and structured way of both brainstorming and going in-depth into specific thoughts/ideas. The app allows for PDF export (free), as well as text and image (premium). Users can also share Mindly maps with others by exporting and sending it in its native format.

The free version allows up to 100 elements/moons, while its premium (56EGP) allows for unlimited elements. The app is also completely ad free on both.

Mindly is available on IOS, Android and Macs.


Creativity: Behance (Free)

Behance is the popular and much beloved design portfolio site run by Adobe.

The website, and now app, provides an abundance of international creative work and portfolios from some of the best in graphic design, photography, videography and motion graphics.


It is also a place for fellow creative minds to find inspiration while going through the millions of items on the site.

If you are in need of some creative inspiration, show off your creative muscles, or something to boost your creativity through some friendly competition, Behnace is the place to be.

Their app is available on IOS and Android.


Inspiration: TED (Free)

For some life or work inspiration, TED conferences have become the top event for people to meet, mingle and inspire/be inspired.

Now TED is bringing to the small screen, with their app for those on the go. With dozens of inspirational videos, their podcast and curated playlists to fit your needs, the app is filled with all your inspiration needs.


It also comes with a “surprise me” feature; users can choose from a list of what they feel like seeing, such as courageous or informative, and provide the amount of free time they have. The app then gives users a playlist of curated videos according to their choices.

The app can be found on IOS and Android.


The Machine: Milanote (Freemium)

Milanote is the secret gem that high tier executives and creatives use to bring their ideas to life. The website and app provide a wide range of seemingly unlimited abilities for almost all professions.

The website also contains an inspiration corner. It includes multiple ways to use the application, according to different professions as well.

An example sitemap created in Milanote


Similar to Google Keep, users can create various types of sticky notes and put it on their board. Unlike Keep, the notes can be moved around in any order you deem fit, and are not forced to go to specific locations.

This makes it easy for many users to create timelines, mood boards, mindmaps, creative briefs, customer journeys, and mapping out storyboards.

The app easily lets you put everything together, images, links and etc, and puts it in a highly visual eagle eye’s view.

The app and website is free up to 100 notes, links or images. Supportive users, or businesses, can pay a 10 USD fee for unlimited space and notes.

The app is only available on Macs at this time, but future users can push forward a Windows and Android app by voting on their poll here.

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Samsung A8 social experiment proves that everyone is beautiful

What would you do if you were called beautiful? What would you do if someone stopped you in the street,…

What would you do if you were called beautiful? What would you do if someone stopped you in the street, with no indecency and just clear honesty, and told you that you were beautiful? How would you react?

Quite a few people have come out to test the question, and now smartphone manufacturer Samsung is joining their ranks.

With their new ad for their Samsung A8 and A8+, Samsung discoveries how everyday people react to a simple truth.

Everyone is beautiful.

The reactions were both sad and uplifting. When told the person behind the camera, filmmaker Shea Glover, was taking photos of what she saw as beautiful, these were some of the reactions.

“Okay, why did you invite me?”

“I don’t know how to take a picture like that.”

“I don’t know, I don’t get called that that often.”

“Usually I get called ugly or something, so that’s a first.”

The brand’s video mixes together both a loving and emotional ride of emotions, all in perfect clarity with their A8 phone.

Targeting Generation Z

Samsung is tapping into Generation Z’s craving for authenticity in a new, international ad campaign for Samsung Galaxy A8, created by the Cheil Worldwide Network.

At the heart of the campaign is the young director and social anthropologist Shea Glover, who appears on screen as well as sharing a co-director credit. In it, she takes her previous social experiment exploring self image to a global audience, making an emotional film showing what happens when a wide range of Gen Z strangers are told that they’re beautiful just as they appear.

Using the power of viral vidoes

The TV Commercial Ad titled Lets You Be You was done by Academy Films advertising agency for product: Samsung Galaxy A8 (brand: Samsung) in United Kingdom. It was released in the Jan 2018.

Viral videos, while not the most popular buzzword anymore, still have a power to gather people together under a single feeling or banner. Glover, whose shot to fame was a world famous viral video that sparked and inspired countless other touching videos, knows this very well.

Her original video, in which she went around her high school filming as she told people they were beautiful, has been watched over 17 million times on YouTube. Not to mention how much it was shared and talked about on other social media sites.


This sparked other projects such as Rotasiz Seyyah’s “You are so beautiful,” and Johanna Siring’s “Kiss of a stranger.”

Samsung understood the power of before and after shots, and of how emotional marketing can settle a brand into people’s hearts for a long time.

Using not only the idea but also the original videographer, Samsung was able to create an easily sharable, and possibly viral ad.

The Samsung ad was designed to serve as a demo of the phone’s ability to take “beautiful” photos in various lighting and weather conditions. It also allows the brand to embody itself as a caring and loving brand.

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Step into 2018 with a plan; 10 easy ways to improve your content marketing strategy

The year is coming to an end, the cold is starting to seep in and the streets are getting closed…

The year is coming to an end, the cold is starting to seep in and the streets are getting closed from the winter weather. As we prepare to move forward to a new year, we’d like to help you out with a few ideas.

We’re all looking for to reach out KPIs and goals through out the year. We try this and that to improve our content, to improve our rates and etc.

So, to help you out, here are some content marketing tips and ways to improve your content for the brand-new year!


1- Have the Looks and the Feels

2017 was the year in which marketers scrambled to push visual content.

It was a year where we saw many companies move from text or simply images to well-polished designs and posts.

If 2017 was the year of the visual, 2018 moves it into another level.

A new tactic that is bringing its way to the social market are Tactile photos.

Create and distribute images that not only touches the visual senses, but the other senses as well. Create images and content that make us hear, remember the touch and sensation of an object, or let us feel the wind in our hair.


2- Lend a helping hand

For those new into Content Marketing, or may need a small reminder, Content Marketing is all about providing your audience with information and content they are searching for.

Sometimes, without them even knowing they wanted it in the first place.

Millennials and Gen Z (Millennials’ children) are skeptical about marketers. The main ways to get around their expectations?

Give them content they are searching for, or better yet, align yourself with a cause they can get behind.


3- Talk about the pain, and let them know you’re here for them

Content themes save you a lot of trouble.

They save time, effort, and brainstorming whenever you have a content plan to fill, or new content to create.

Many of us have our themes on backwards apparently. Raise your finger, so no one else sees, if you’re themes are centered about marketing your product/service and its many benefits.

Let us say, we saw you, and we’re here to let you know you’re not alone.

For 2018, let’s take a step back and truly look at our consumers.

What are their issues? Their problems? What can we do to help? Sure, we ask these questions when creating the product or service, but now we have to think about it during our content process.

Directly talk to your consumer next year. Tell them you understand and you’re here to help.


4- Augment and change the world

Augmented Reality (AR) has definitely made an impact this year, even stronger than its top contender Virtual Reality.

Both Facebook and Google released AR services or products this year at their respective annual developer conference. Not to mention that Snapchat’s success came from their innovative use of AR.

Take a look at IKEA’s successful IKEA Place app, which uses AR technology to help users see how the brand’s furniture will look at home.

From either simple AR photo-frames to crazy face-changing AR filters on FB or Snapchat, Augmented Reality is popular and here to stay. Not only that, it’s cheaper than making stickers to hang out the city, and cheaper than an extensive paid campaign on social.


5- Get Personal. Really. Please do.

Although we marketers may say that brands need to become more grounded, more in-touch with consumers, many actions may not be heading in that direction.

This year, a lot of platforms are coming to our aid.

With Facebook Live really starting to show off its power, to Instagram’s stories, getting personal with consumers are getting easier and easier.

Creating dynamic content, content that makes the brand “alive,” gets easier with these new tools. Tools also include the new Live Photo feature by Facebook, and FB stories.

While recorded and pre-prepared videos are still a great way to promote your brand, personal live-videos are an even better way to connect with people.

Behind the scene videos, behind the curtain, or even the people behind the brand, are all dynamic video content-types that you could use to get in-touch with your audience.

People want to purchase from brands they care about, so let them know you so they can.


6- Or don’t get personal, get others to influence them instead

While influencer marketing in Egypt is still a growing field, there are many other ways to spread content around the web.

Creating content strategies that include using 3rd party websites and influencers is still going strong.

In 2018, we are going to see an even larger growth rate, especially as more and more content websites and social pages pop up and grow in credibility.

Don’t be afraid to have other people review, video, test, and write about your products/services. If you’re confident in its quality, then this should be a no-brainer.


7- Updating Communication

Communication channels keep growing with each new step and technology we create. A new channel that not many leveraged this year is through online messengers.

Facebook’s Messenger’s chatbots, as well as AI website messaging, are making a strong case this year, and they’re here to stay.

Content marketing with Messenger’s chatbots is easy to do. Simple tap on the Discovery tab for inspiration, from restaurants to online stores, there is a wide variety of uses.

Website AI messaging can help aim customers through your website as they go through their buyer journey. A cleverly written script and direct questions can lead your customer from browsing to buying, answering all (or as many as possible) of their questions on the way.


8- Break it Down

One of the main ways to fill out a content calendar?

Update, reuse, break down.

Update, reuse, and break down large and deep content into separate content pieces.

If you want to go into 2018, you have got to have a plan. If you don’t have enough content, then plan ahead by breaking down already existing content.

A Press release or informatic video can be broken down into multiple pieces of content. Videos can be broken down into articles or multiple image posts, and etc.

Why spend more when you can do more with less?


9- Stop closing the box and be open to the long-term

Although Content Marketing has become one of the top buzz words in our community, as well as quickly becoming one of the industry’s top strategies, we are still treating it as if it is advertising.

It’s not.

Most companies still push content in the same way as an advertising campaign, locking themselves in a box without more opportunities. Create short term content, such as a 6-episode video series, market it through the usual channels, and then when it finishes we stop.

What should be happening is a complete switch. Content marketing may be cheap, almost to the point of free, but it is something that takes long-term planning to truly appreciate it.

Plan at least 6 months ahead to truly capture your target audience. Get your content rolling, and keep it rolling! Show 2018 that you have your content down, with only a little bit of planning, and a lot of faith and data.


10- Let’s get on it!

There you have it, easy ways to improve your content without a lot of work.

The new year is right around the corner. What are you doing to prepare?


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Before it’s too late; 7 tips to ensure that you meet deadlines

We’ve all been there; it’s a weekday and tasks are piling up. There are things to do, people to see…

We’ve all been there; it’s a weekday and tasks are piling up. There are things to do, people to see and talk to, but oh hey! There is this super cool video online, I have got to watch this! And so, there goes your day, merging together with the other days that, simply, other things became more interesting than your task list.

No matter where we are in our lives, procrastination follows. It’s not something you should worry too much about though, everyone goes through those moments, but that doesn’t mean you need to continue doing it.

To defeat avoiding work, here are 7 easy things you could do.


1- Smaller Bites = Better Payoffs

Things can often seem daunting and intimidating, some tasks just seem to always look difficult to accomplish.

Don’t let that stop you though.

Look at your big task or project.

Separate it into tiny goals. From simply emailing or talking to someone to choosing a color scheme, start every project with small to-do items.  These tasks will seem so small, it would be silly to not do it as soon as possible.

This makes it easier to take on and complete the project, as well as making you feel more accomplished whenever you look at your to-do list.


2- It’s Okay to be Uncomfortable

We all get uncomfortable doing certain things, whether you feel anxious talking to your boss or jumping into new projects, and it is completely okay.

Accept that you are uncomfortable, know that you feel uneasy, and then think about why you are doing this.

Many people decide to put aside certain things, in the hopes of doing it later when they stop feeling uncomfortable. Most of the time, we never change our feelings towards things we feel uneasy about.

Accept that you’re uncomfortable, take a deep breathe, and push forward. You’ll find it gets easier over time.


3- Listen, your body is signaling

When you get anxious, or in the mindset to avoid something, your body shows it faster than you can think about it.

When you feel your heart race and your body tensing, breathe and take a step back.

Noticing the signs can help you stop avoiding and procrastination. So, when you notice you’re about to go in search of other things to do, take a step back and think about changing your attitude towards the task.


4- What am I doing right now?

Right now, you’re reading this article, but don’t you have something else to do?

Sometimes, things just get away from us. Time gets away from us.

And for those times, a small jolt can really help us out of the loop.

Put up small notes in your most used and seen places, asking the simple question, “what am I doing right now?” It’ll snap you out of your Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat scrolling, and remind you that there are things to be done.

From a sticky note on your desktop (outside or inside on your desktop) to small notes in drawers and random phone-set reminders, this can really help keep you on track when you need it.


5- Why, why, why, the purpose behind it all

When your task is in front of you, crying to be done while your brain tries to escape responsibility, think about “Why.”

“Why do I have to do this again?”

Remember that each small step leads to a bigger goal and accomplishment. That short call may need to a job interview, choosing a color scheme leads to further progress on that big project you are working on, and etc.

So, when you catch yourself looking for a way out and avoid work, just think about the purpose behind your task.

Also, avoid thinking it’s so you get your salary, money doesn’t work as the best incentive, which is why many are still avoiding their work.


6- Act Now!

After you’ve done those other tips to try and keep you on track, act!

Putting anything off for later usually guarantees a difficult time getting into the mood of action. Think of this as your own personal call to action, Act now!


7- Love yourself and be proud, it’s done

We always whine about our procrastinating ways, so don’t forget to give just as much attention to your actual achievements.

With every small task, you have completed something that is close to your goal.

So, whenever you can, take a moment to bask in the glory of a task done!

Reward yourself, and remind yourself that it was a good effort and you can now cross it off your to-do list.

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‘What The Font’ You’ll never need to ask with this app

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a designer, or even a business owner, is looking for…

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a designer, or even a business owner, is looking for a font. Especially when an old designer leaves and you are left trying to figure out what font they used for your branded content.

Well for you, and those who simply love a good font, there is now What The Font.

The What the Font app is the new mobile app/version MyFont’s successful desktop font finder. This is the first mobile app with this function, although there have been many websites that do the same thing.

The application is able to recognized any font that your phone’s camera is aimed at, and includes similar fonts as well. All you have to do is point your camera to the text, and wait.



The application is powered by a powerful deep learning Artificial Intelligence (AI), making it faster and more accurate than its desktop version.

The AI also gives bonus options, such as identify connected scripts and identify multiple fonts in the same image.

According to Seah Chickering-Burchesky, Senior UX Designer at MyFonts, the app can identify 130,000 fonts with the help of machine learning. The latest version of the app can spot multiple fonts in one image, as well as connected scripts.

The app was created in order to help designers, font enthusiasts and others who want or need to figure out the fonts used in text.

What sets the app apart from the websites that have dominated this function for years is its instant answers, and offline applications.

Now you can find out the fonts used around your daily life. Like that menu’s font? The ad on the Metro? The cool font on this website? What The Font has you covered.


What do you think of the app? Interested in using it? Click Here to get it.

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