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4 Mobile Apps Revived by The Coronavirus Social Consequences

The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic had caused a negative effect on the whole world. People are panicking over the pandemic and the possibility of being infected, which had forced everyone around the whole globe to go in quarantine, and a lockdown was enforced.

The quarantine and lockdown made people feel bored 24/7, and since the only option to interact with other people was through online applications, people started using those platforms. Since everything headed towards the digital platforms, we could see clearly that some applications gained more users and went viral during this Coronavirus time.

People are using certain applications to facilitate their meetings since everything became online, and for entertainment, people also started using applications to entertain themselves during this boredom.

Throughout these months, we have witnessed the revival of some applications and the daily increase of users of these applications.


1- TikTok

TikTok has been gaining many users ever since it was launched and with the spread of the Coronavirus, we noticed that it attracted more users and many people started using it during the quarantine.

Everyone is on TikTok including celebrities, even brands started creating accounts on it and some of them launched campaigns through the application.

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The application has around 800 million users around the world; in February 2020 the application was downloaded 113 million times, which made it the most downloaded non-gaming application.


2- Zoom

The quarantine had forced companies to change their work process and to allow employees to work from home. This made it a bit difficult for managers to have meetings with their team. Out of nowhere, suddenly people started talking about an application that is used to hold online meetings called “Zoom”.

Zoom stated that it has around 300 million daily Zoom meeting participants. The application has been a major help during this time and some advertising agencies used “Zoom” to help them out creating adverts.


3- House Party

House Party is one of the applications that emerged during the spread of COVID-19 that helped people stay connected since it allows group video-call and it can hold around 6 people in one conference.

According to Sensor Tower, in March 2020, House Party was downloaded 17.2 million times and it came third place in the iOS App store by the end of March.


4- FaceApp and a New Facebook Feature

Not so long ago Facebook released a new feature called “Room”, this feature is a video conference for people; you can create a “Room” and invite your Facebook friends and hold an online meeting or just a virtual gathering with friends.

This feature competes with other video conference applications such as “Zoom” and “House Party”.

Another application emerged a few days ago, which is “FaceApp”. If you were on Facebook the last couple of days, you would find your timeline filled with people’s photos being edited to look like a guy or a girl, which is what the FaceApp does, it can show you how you’d look like if you were the opposite sex.


Which application helped you the most during quarantine time?

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